• VIA1 MAGIO 3, 20042 MILAN, Italy
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MP Filtri is a family-owned industrial company which was founded in 1964 by Bruno Pasotto. His intuition and vision took the company to an international position. A success story whose legacy, in 2007, was collected, with passion and determination, by the second generation that led MP Filtri to assume a multinational dimension with a functional structure consisting of a selected Management Team, who thrive on passion, drive, determination and skill.In the following years, MP Filtri embarked on a continuous growth path until it assumed a leadership position, on a global scale, in the field of hydraulic filtration solutions, contamination monitoring systems and power transmission components in hydraulic circuits.

The organization is based on an entrepreneurial model that has in its DNA a balanced synergy between strategic investments in production flexibility, efficiency and technical quality and a commercial intelligence oriented to satisfy an increasingly dynamic market.
Business sector
Parts for machines and industrial equipment
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MP Filtri