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ISL I LogiTower is a manufacturer and integrator of automated and robotic solutions for production logistics. Our LogiTowerLoader system automates sheet metal loading and unloading for laser cutters, improving storage, picking, and sheet metal transport processes.

ISL I LogiTower provides integrated automated storage systems and IT solutions, along with comprehensive services ranging from individual design to production, assembly, and professional support. Our team of over 80 specialists delivers these services both in Poland and internationally.

Since 2001, we have successfully combined experience with continuous development and improvement of our customers' production processes. We shape the market for automated storage and logistics systems for warehouses and production in line with the Industry 4.0 concept.

We design, construct, and implement automated storage and handling systems in two areas:

- Production – we produce robotic equipment for production logistics, specifically the LogiTower, LogiComb, and LogiTowerLoader product group ( This solution is designed for handling sheet metal, long items such as pipes and rods, tools, dies, heavy goods, and non-standard goods.

- Integration - We integrate automated systems for fast and efficient picking and storage of components. As an exclusive distributor of Hänel GmbH's Lean-Lift lift racks and Rotomat carousel racks, we also provide other equipment and suppliers for the storage of containers, cartons, spare parts, tools, labels, semi-finished products and more.

Our customised storage solutions ensure the efficient flow of materials in production and storage processes. Our comprehension of the market and our customers' needs is crucial, which results in a well-executed service offering.

LogiTower brand's distinguishing features include :
- comprehensive operation: design - installation - warranty and post-warranty service
- durable construction of systems based on components of the most renowned global brands
- flexibility of solutions thanks to individual design and the possibility of cooperating with a wide range of peripheral devices;
- integration with ERP/WMS system;
Business sector
Factories and warehouses equipment
Cutting machines, equipment and accessories
Industrial robots
Production process automation and mechanisation
Warehousing and distribution (equipment, storage, logistics)
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