In 2011, we decided to change the laser equipment industry - we founded Fastcom Systemy Laserowe.

At the beginning, there were three of us and we had one goal: to provide comprehensive solutions for marking, engraving, cutting and welding. This is what we were missing on the market. Of course, we started by selling lasers of one brand, but over time our offer grew and our company developed. At the moment, our team consists of 12 people and our product range is very wide.

We sell laser devices such as:

marking machines
CO2 lasers
fiber cutting machines

welding machines
used laser devices
large structures and safety classes
hobby desk lasers

We can boast of cooperation with companies such as: DATALOGIC, RMI Laser, Mactron, LYUSTEC, AEON, LTT. We also produce tailor-made laser devices that are tailored to the individual needs of the customer.
Business sector
Laser sources
Laser tagging and laser description technologies
Services, repairs, maintenance and modernisation, second-hand machines
Laser welding, lasers
Lasers dedicated for production systems
Laser processing of metals
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