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CEVISA designs and manufactures self-feed bevelers for plates and tubes, mainlyused in steel working industries and welding activities.
As a Pioneer in automated bevelers, CEVISA succeeds in manufacturing high performance bevelling machines, reliable and fast to optimize times and costs production. We work tirelessly to develop innovative bevellers to meet requirements for the most demanding sectors.
CEVISA has a proud 50 year history as a global manufacturer, working and growing hand inhand together with our customers. Thanks to our know-how and our innovative profile,we provide efficient and customized bevelling solutions to any kind of steel sector and specialized distributor.
Today, thanks to its customer-focused value, innovative solutions (i+I+D department), and high quality standards, we are the Nº1 worldwide producer, exporting 80 % of our production. More than 60 countries work with Cevisa. We are 100% international
Business sector
Sheet metal, pipes, sections (iron, non-iron)
Working of pipes and sections
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