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Air Products, a leading producer of industrial gases in Poland, delivers innovative and complex solutions for welding processes’ optimization.
We implement welding robotic systems as Authorized Partner of ABB. We provide precise and reliable collaborative robots that are easy to implement.
We also deliver Gastrak® solution for shielding gas flow’ optimization which reduce gas consumption.
Innovative range of Linx® welding mixtures in Integra® cylinders with integrated regulator is one of our achievements.
We also offer Veriforce® welding equipment and consumables, as well as other leading brands of welding machines.
Air Products in Poland has been offering its customers technical, food, medical, specialty gases and dry ice, as well as installations, devices and technical service for 30 years. Our experts provide assistance in tailoring the offer of gases, services and technologies to the needs of our customers, who include both small companies and large industrial concerns. Thanks to our gas technologies and solutions, we make our customers' production processes more efficient and energy-saving.
Air Products is the only company in the technical gases industry in Poland with the ISO 26000 certificate
regarding social responsibility. Every day we prove that we are a company socially responsible and contribute to sustainable development by acting honestly and ethically.
We approach each client individually, providing technical advice at every stage of cooperation.
Shielding gases in Integra® cylinders
Shielding gases in Integra® cylinders
VERIFORCE® PLUS collaborative robots (cobots)
VERIFORCE® PLUS collaborative robots (cobots)
VERIFORCE® welding equipment and consumables
VERIFORCE® welding equipment and consumables
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Welding machines, equipment and accessories
Welding materials
Technical gases
Industrial robots
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