INDUSTRIAL SPRING (28-31.03.2023)

STOM-TOOL - BLECH & CUTTING - LASER - ROBOTICS - FIX, Welding, Expo-Surface, Fluid Power, Control-Stom, 3D Printing Days


STOM-TOOL Product and service range

1. Machines, equipment and technologies for shaving treatment

2. Machines, equipment and technologies for plastic treatment

3. Machines, equipment and technologies for metalworking

4. Machines, equipment and technologies for thermal tretment

5. CNC lathes

6. Metalworking technology accessories

7. Robots, automatics, metalworking process lines

8. Laser cutting machines, presses, guillotine scissors

9. Welding, laser welding

10. Abrasive equipment and materials

11. Chemicals, lubricants, components, coolers, etc.

12. Tools

13. Services, repairs, maintenance and modernization, second- hand machines

14. Control-measuring equipment, measurement technique and material testing, quality control

15. Software, computer-aided design of treatment processes

16. Equipment factories and warehouses, marking machines

17. Industrial safety, and hygiene at work, protective equipment and machines

18. Training, certification, institutions, branch magazines