INDUSTRIAL SPRING (28-31.03.2023)

STOM-TOOL - BLECH & CUTTING - LASER - ROBOTICS - FIX, Welding, Expo-Surface, Fluid Power, Control-Stom, 3D Printing Days



STOM BLECH & CUTTING Product and service range

  • Sheet metal, pipes, sections (iron, non-iron)
  • Final products, components
  • Transport technologies and storage systems
  • Cutting technologies - laser cutting machines, cutters, bending brakes, guillotine scissors, machines for waterjet cutting
  • Moulding technologies
  • Sheet metal bending technologies
  • Working of pipes and sections
  • Machine parts
  • Sheet metal working and processing
  • Sheet metal joining and fixing technologies
  • Sheet metal surface treatment technologies
  • Chemicals used for working: grease, components, coolers, etc.
  • Tools
  • Services, repairs, maintenance and modernisation, second-hand machines
  • Monitoring and measuring devices: control and materials testing; quality control
  • CAD/CAM software, computer aided design and control of sheet metal working
  • Factories and warehouses equipment
  • Occupational health and safety, protective equipment and devices
  • Trainings, certification, institutions, professional journals