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Supercars, classics, tuned cars and drift shows - the automotive festival at Targi Kielce - join us in June!


The DUB IT Tuning Festival is a must-see event, a permanent point in the calendars of all automotive enthusiasts. The June weekend (22 and 23 June 2024) marks the time when Kielce transforms into the European capital of the automotive industry. Beautiful cars, motorsport world stars and attractions are offered in a plethora.

DRIFT TAXI show is excitement-packed.

The June festival, as always, brings great emotions galore. Excitement is guaranteed by professional drivers who present their supreme driving skills. "Crab-steer" fiesta on a specially arranged track. Spectators can also make the most of the possibility of enjoying a ride in cars equipped with massive engines; professional drivers offer you a ride at the Drift Taxi. The smell of burning rubber, clouds of smoke and the roar of engines float in the air for two days. This heralds a great automotive celebration at Targi Kielce.


dub-it-2023 The best tuning projects' ons-stop-shop

For two days every year, Targi Kielce turns into a place where you can see over a hundred cars that will speed up the heartbeat of every tuning enthusiast. Join us and see vehicles - the essence of the top-level modification. There is no room for plastic cars with spoilers, only real gems that show the hard work and hearts invested by the greatest enthusiasts.

Classicauto Market returns

The Classics Market is a must-see at the June Dub It Festival! You will find everything. This is one-stop-shop -  from small advertising gadgets of the rightly bygone era, through Jubilat bicycles taken out of the uncle's shed, to high-class vintage cars with a "for sale" sticker. Unique vehicles that catch the eye of automotive fans and the beautiful hostesses and much more are at the tuning feast.

Auto detailing and super car zones



Lamborghini, Ferrari and many other luxury and sports cars are on display in the "supercar" zone. Vehicles usually parked in footballers, actors and celebrities' garages now at your fingertips. Also auto-detailing workshops and trainings welcome top-experts telling how to take care of your "four wheels" so that they shine like new.

Motoring stars and something for the youngest generation

The event's agenda is enhanced and complemented with numerous meetings featuring motorsport personages. They will share stories related to their automotive interests. For two days, participants join innumerable competitions, including those which select the best audio equipment. The youngest automotive enthusiasts will also find something they will adore -

The 10th anniversary Mubi Dub It - what was it like?

The recent Targi Kielce automotive fiesta abounded with excitement and impressions. For two days, automotive fans admired about five hundred of unique models that accelerated every tuning enthusiast's heartbeat. Many of these vehicles are the quintessence of top-notch modifications. Projects had been prepared for months - varnishes as perfect as a surface of water, rims pampered in every inch, fully pumped tires, engines that are masterpieces of sports experts, air suspensions … this reigns supreme at the festival.

Save the date - 22 and 23 June for another opportunity to join the convention held at Targi Kielce. 1 Zakładowa Street,  

We look forward to seeing you!




10 may 2024
Roaring engines, screeching tyres and the smell of burnt rubber - much awaited by drift fun aficionados. And they will experience this and much more combined on 22 and 23 June at the Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival in Targi Kielce!
09 may 2024
Karol Jagoda, better known as Jagodowy TV, joins the Targi Kielce's great automotive festival ambassadors fellowship. The popular YouTuber will be present with his latest project in the special guests' zone for two days
07 may 2024
The June festival is about tuning cars, classic and supercars and drift shows, and automotive-related companies. One of them is presented on 22-23 June - the manufacturer of brake discs and drums, Rotinger. Brand ambassador and automotive journalist Adam Kornacki will also visit Kielce
06 may 2024
The ambassadors of this year's event, (22-23 June at Targi Kielce) - journalists and program hosts on the automotive channel: Patryk Mikiciuk, Grzegorz Duda, Robert Michalski and Krystian Plato. The June automotive festival is an offer for enthusiasts of tuning, classics, supercars and drift shows
12 march 2024
The list of special guests who will visit this year's automotive festival at Targi Kielce keeps growing; Robert Michalski has joined the group of ambassadors of the Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival. The star pf the Professional Traders broadcast on TVN Turbo and the creator of the Stradale Classics channel on YouTube, which has nearly 300,000 subscribers joins the fellowship
09 february 2024
The time has come - we are presenting the next ambassador of this year's Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival. The festival is held from 22 to 23 June at Targi Kielce. The very Patryk Mikiciuk is the ambassador
21 december 2023
The Warsaw PRO8L3M band will perform for the Kielce audience on the first weekend of the holidays - 22 June 2024 at Targi Kielce and will play its most famous songs, also those from the latest PROXL3M album. The evening event will culminate the first day of the great automotive festival held on the 22-23 June weekend at Targi Kielce - Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival!
25 june 2023
The second day of the Mubi Dub it Tuning Festival in Targi Kielce witnessed awards presented for the best tuning projects. The awards are shown in the a number of categories: Dyno Queen, Best Wheels, Hi5 New Wave and Hi5 Old School
24 june 2023
The Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival is a real treat for all automotive aficionados. On Saturday, visitors admired a spectacular drift, watched tuning projects, and also met automotive creators who discuss automotive online
24 june 2023
Mechanics enthusiasts were encouraged to develop their interests. The organisers of the Young Mechanic Academy visited Targi Kielce on Saturday, 24 June at the Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival. Unexpectedly, the meeting was also attended by Grzegorz Duda, a co-organiser of the Academy, known from TVN Turbo. All the gentlemen talked about new trends in car mechanics and the opportunities offered by the Academy and the National Championships of Mechanics
24 june 2023
41 professional drivers show off their unique skidding skills throughout the weekend - a real treat awaits true drift fans. DRIFT TAXI ride! is the option for them
24 june 2023
The weekend at Targi Kielce is filled with the smell of burning rubber and clouds of smoke. Club music intertwines with the roar of engines and screeching tires. Beautiful cars, accompanying hostesses and many other attractions for motoring fans of all ages who will visit the Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival
12 june 2023
Do you want to buy or sell antique, collectable or unique vehicles? Do you trade in car parts for classics, retro gadgets, brochures and books? Classicauto Market is the place for you. On the weekend of 24 and 25 June, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Targi Kielce expo halls are filled with the automotive industry’s gems.
02 june 2023
For two days of the Mubi Dub It Festival, the Enduro-Med team will provide free advice and demonstrations on first aid. Qualified paramedics will present the basic techniques of saving human life, answer questions and instruct the show visitors on how to secure the incident scene, resuscitate and offer first aid
30 may 2023
Roaring engines, screeching tires and the smell of burnt rubber - typical signs of a drifting competition! Excitement related to sideways driving on a specially marked route come in abundance on 24 to 25 June at the Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival!
28 april 2023
The luxurious car care and personalization parlour prepares many attractions and surprises for this year's meeting of automotive enthusiasts. You will be able to make the most of the detailing training, colour change and protective film application when visiting Targi Kielce and the autodetailing zone on 24 and 25 June
10 march 2023
The DUB IT Tuning Festival is a must-see event, a permanent point in the calendars of all automotive enthusiasts. Enthusiasts of classics and modified cars meet on 24 and 25 June 2023 at Targi Kielce’s tenth in the series of events. The jubilee is marked with several surprises! Excitement guaranteed!
05 july 2022
A wooden base cut from the technical tunnel of a vintage car workshop, a fragment of a motorcycle steering wheel which serves as a support, a handle made of a bent key, and a working Yamaha XV750 horn on the top - thes elements compose a unique "cup" created by the Kielce Classics association. This is a thank you token for organising the exhibition of classic cars, a part of the DUB IT Tuning Festival! 2022
26 june 2022
Many people came to meet Patryk Mikiciuk, a popular automotive journalist of TVN Turbo, making his appearance during the DUB IT! in Kielce. The car enthusiast, known for making the "Automaniak", "Polish Porsche" and "Classic Patryk Mikiciuk" shows, shared his own experience in buying cars, as well as his vast knowledge about the latest trends in car production.
26 june 2022
The authors of unusual car-modification ideas won awards on the second day of the DUB IT! in Kielce. The VAG association appreciated the craftsmanship and the iconic concepts.
26 june 2022
Fans of automotive shows have teemed to Targi Kielce since early morning; spectacular drifts take your breath away. Until 6 p.m. you can admire creatively converted cars and talk to their owners, as well as watch beautiful classics from Kielce. There are also many additional attractions.
25 june 2022
The first day of the Targi Kielce DUB IT Tuning Festival! is now over. Over 200 cars, almost 100 participants of the drift tournament, several dozen classic cars and a detailing zone with cars worth several million zlotys each. After the break, the festival returned and immediately made a nationwide impression.