Not enough skilled mechanics? The solution is proposed by the Young Mechanic Academy

24 june 2023
Mechanics enthusiasts were encouraged to develop their interests. The organisers of the Young Mechanic Academy visited Targi Kielce on Saturday, 24 June at the Mubi Dub It Tuning Festival. Unexpectedly, the meeting was also attended by Grzegorz Duda, a co-organiser of the Academy, known from TVN Turbo. All the gentlemen talked about new trends in car mechanics and the opportunities offered by the Academy and the National Championships of Mechanics

- Such projects are extremely important - so that in a few years we don't have to give away wonderful cars for scrap, because there is no one to repair them - Grzegorz Duda began the meeting.  – I am glad that an automotive sector of this kind exists, but also because there are people who find it a real passion.

Adrian Dekowski from V8 Team, the organiser of the National Championships of Mechanics continued:

- The Academy of Young Mechanics is our response to the dynamically changing trends in the automotive industry - he said.  – We keep trying to develop our project, supplementing it with new categories. We are also helped by teachers who try to encourage their students to acquire new skills as the teachers know the problem - insufficiently equipped laboratories - students have no place to practice and work on their skills. We try to meet their needs - added Adrian Dekowski.

Students from 1,260 schools from all over Poland participated in the semi-finals of the National Championships of Mechanics - a total of 10.5 thousand fans of mechanics! There was no shortage of girls among them - they competed in all categories and often came high in rankings.

The strategic partner of the Young Mechanic Academy - Platinum Orlen Oil.

- We are eager to get involved in the Academy and the Championship development. We support budding mechanics in their first steps in the industry. We want to provide them the opportunity to gain knowledge and support them in brushing up their skills - said Arkadiusz Cyran, manager of the Workshop Programs Service Team at Orlen Oil.

The Young Mechanic Academy offers all automotive enthusiasts the possibility to gain industry-specific knowledge in 7 categories: young mechanic, young agricultural machinery mechanic, young truck mechanic, electromobility, professional mechanic, young motorcycle mechanic and young painter. The Academy's portfolio will be expanded to include new categories soon.

- We expect that the detailer will be a real hit;  the market is definitely heading in this direction, and we must respond to its needs, announced Adrian Dekowski.

The National Championship of Mechanics is organised by V8 Team;  for 11 years, the group has been creating educational events and projects. Their primary goal is to encourage motoring fans to develop their passion and start their industry adventure. V8 Team helps automotive enthusiasts build knowledge about modern technologies and products, convincing them – virtually there are no limits when working on skills.

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