Najciekawsze projekty polskiej sceny tuningowej docenione w trakcie Dub it w Kielcach!

The most interesting tuning projects are available at DubIt! and win accolades. Audi, BMW, Nissan, Lexus, Trabant, Golf and Fiat 126 are among them

25 june 2023
The second day of the Mubi Dub it Tuning Festival in Targi Kielce witnessed awards presented for the best tuning projects. The awards are shown in the a number of categories: Dyno Queen, Best Wheels, Hi5 New Wave and Hi5 Old School

Jakub Skowron, the originator of the Mubi Dub it Tuning Festival, emphasised that the jubilee automotive festival at Targi Kielce has developed a lot over the last ten unveilings,

It is very nice to observe the progress in the Polish tuning scene. I remember the cars that we hosted in 2012 at the first of Dub it -  compared to what we can see in all expo halls this year, it is like comparing apples to oranges. Poles are at the forefront when it comes to tuning and creativity in new projects – says Jakub Skowron, originator of the Mubi Dub it Tuning Festival in Kielce.

I'm so glad that Dub it is alive and kicking. This year's tenth show has great potential – added Tomasz Pansewicz from the "Show tests" channel.

The best projects of the Polish scene -

  • Dyno Queen - Daniel's Audi 100 C4
  • Best Wheels - Mariusz Michalski's Corvette
  • Best Interior – Krzysztof Kutrzeba's Lexus LS 400
  • STATIC Best Of Show - Bartłomiej Żurek's Nissan 200 SX
  • AIR RIDE Best Of Show - Konrad Sowa's Honda Odyssey
  • Hi 5 Old School - BMW E34 by Wojtek Niedźwiecki
  • Hi 5 Old School – Adam Horwanko's VW JETTA
  • Hi 5 Old School - Karol Świątek's Fiat 126
  • Hi 5 BEST Old School – Piotr Piecha's Trabant
  • Hi 5 BEST Old School - Michał Szarek's 2nd generation Golf
  • BEST Old School - Pasat B1 by Arkadiusz Nowiński
  • Hi5 New Wave - Toyota Supra MK5
  • Hi5 New Wave - Paweł Nowak's Alfa Romeo GT
  • Hi5 New Wave - Polo 6N by Dawid Szejna
  • Hi5 New Wave - Audi S3 by Marcin Gruchot
  • Hi5 New Wave - Skoda Octavia R32 by Arek Barwiński
  • Hi5 New Wave - Wojtek Malinowski's Audi R8


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