One of a kind, the award for Targi Kielce is presented by Kielce Classics!

05 july 2022
A wooden base cut from the technical tunnel of a vintage car workshop, a fragment of a motorcycle steering wheel which serves as a support, a handle made of a bent key, and a working Yamaha XV750 horn on the top - thes elements compose a unique "cup" created by the Kielce Classics association. This is a thank you token for organising the exhibition of classic cars, a part of the DUB IT Tuning Festival! 2022

The official handing over of the "cup" by the founder; i.e. the Kielce Classics association's representative Jacek Klesyk, onto the hands of the president of Targi Kielce - Andrzej Mochoń. In addition, Targi Kielce received a diploma commemorating the event.

In return, the organisers of the DUB IT Festival! offered a commemorative diploma for their successful cooperation in the organising of the Classics Exhibition, which was a part of the festival. The diploma was handed over by the project manager - Bartosz Nowakowski.

The classics and vintage cars exhibition was an element of the DUB IT Tuning Festival! 2022 - visitors were offered the possibility to become acquainted with exceptional, unique cars no longer seen on the road. They had the chance to see the history of the automotive industry with their own eyes. The journey back in time starts from the 1930s and takes you to the 1980s. Among the gems exhibited there, there were  Peugeot 201 from 1931 and Porsche 924 from 1980.

Co-organisers of the Classics Exhibition at DUB IT! - associations of Kielce Classics, Mercedes Benz Kielce and Kabrio Kielce.

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