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aviation expo - targi dla rynku lotniczego

AVIATION EXPO - aviation industry and business sector’s innovations

This September - Targi Kielce is the safe landing pad for the sky-rocketing aviation event.

Aviation enthusiasts have set the course for Targi Kielce. This has been the destination port for several years. Cutting-edge ultralight air-planes, helicopters, gyroplanes - this is just a part of the exhibition which has become an permanent fixture in the Kielce expo and congress centre calendar of events.  The Light Aviation Expo has changed its format since 2019 - now the event focuses upon specialized, modern technologies used in broadly defined aviation.  The new event name - the AVIATION EXPO is a sign that there will be even more avionics showcased during the Kielce trade show.  We look forward to seeing you on 19-20 September.

Polish light aviation has been continually growing; every year about 30 new machines are registered.  Not only are air-planes owned by private persons. More and more companies opt for these modern and comfortable means of transport. Poland has become one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest sales market for all kinds of aviation services.  Therefore our part of continent based producers have the opportunity to present their offer at Kielce show and demonstrate the aviation industry’s strengths and high specialization. 

 Aviation industry, business and legal environment in Poland, the latest technological innovations, comprehensive aviation market presentation - this and more available at the 2nd AVIATION EXPO. Come and see, join in the discussions. 

Targi Kielce welcomes producers, importers and distributors. Airplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes, gliders, paragliders, engines, propeller backpacks, paragliding trikes, hang gliders, powered gliders, parachutes, balloons, kitesurfing, drones, avionics, airport equipment - if this is your domain, the expo is a must attend event for you. 

Producers and distributors of garments, equipment and accessories join the expo to showcase their comprehensive portfolios. The Kielce EXPO also welcomes schools and HEI,s, aviation clubs, associations and organizations.  Airport and landing-strip owners, airline repair companies and similar will also join the exhibitors list.  Industry magazines and portals find the expo a must attend event. 

In addition to the exhibition. the AVIATION EXPO offers yet another the advantage - lectures, conferences and meetings related to the aviation industry, air traffic, and the modern general aviation and aviation industry.  An elite, selected group of aviation professionals and business insiders have already delighted the audience. 

For the first time the 2019’s Kielce Aviation Fair also included medals and distinctions awarding ceremony - the best products and the most interesting expo stands gained accolades. The contest results can be found in "prizes and awards." tab

The expo last year hosted almost 1,000 visitors. The exhibitors emphasized that the expo brought together business insiders who were interested in specific solutions.

The upcoming AVIATION EXPO - 19 and 20 September 2020 - we look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce  

17 september 2020
Those who have always dreamed of having their own plane should come and join the Aviation Expo held 19 and 20 September
15 september 2020
GAWOR - a recognized European brand which offers accessories expands its the assortment to include aviation industry dedicated and unique transparent half-shields. New products showcased at the Aviation Expo
01 july 2020
LOT Cargo - already 166 flights under the Operation #CARGO for Poland banner. Michał Grochowski announces - there will be more flights. The carrier's project has made it possible to transport medical equipment and materials and successfully deliver to hospitals and medical facilities. In Joanna Wieczorek’s interview, an Aviation Law expert from Dentons, the new business reality is presented in great details
22 april 2020
London Stansted airport authorities are making the best of the fact that aircraft are grounded. Stansted has started to carry out the necessary tarmac modernization programme.
17 april 2020
The US government has allocated 50 billion Dollars to save American airlines, the earmarked funds will be enough for six months’ period
01 april 2020
The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has also contributed significantly to the aviation sector’s crisis. According to experts, the situation may be very dangerous for the whole industry
25 november 2019

From 28 to 31 October 2019, a delegation of Targi Kielce participated in the 30th edition of the International Security Fair CPSE - The China Public Security Expo. The fair was held at the Chinese Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre


30 september 2019
Two days’ aviation meetings at Targi Kielce - knowledge in great demand
28 september 2019
Interesting exhibition, knowledge-packed conferences, interesting guests - AVIATION EXPO continues until Saturdays 28 September
26 september 2019
Ultralight planes, helicopters and gyroplanes - September 27 and 28, the expo halls of Targi Kielce are turned into an airport. And this is thanks to the AVIATION EXPO Aviation Fair
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