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Aviation enthusiasts have once again had the opportunity to convene in Kielce -  19 and 20 September marked the 2nd AVIATION EXPO staged in the capital of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. The event is open to Poland's air transport development.  In addition to the traditional exhibition elements, such as aeroplanes and gyroplanes, the participants were introduced cutting-edge technologies used in aviation. There were also industry conferences galore.

The Aviation Expo's tradition is the presentation platform for avionics, airport and navigation systems, the exhibition of specialised pilot outfits, and even fancy goods dedicated to the aviation industry, to name just a few exhibits.

The traditional elements of the exhibition enjoyed the most consuming interest of the event participants - ultralight planes and gyroplanes. This year's exhibitors was the showcase for, inter alia Aeroprakt with its latest Aeroprakta family plane - A32 model designed and tested for over three years before its première.  The world’s most economical and one of the fastest mass-produced light aircraft in the high-wing configuration offers top-performance.

The Pipistrel Virus SW presented by Skydream boasts the cursing speed of over 260 km / h.  Skypaths is also worth mentioning - the Skyleader model was showcased at the event. The Aero HMS presented a modern ultralight sports plane MP-02 "Czajka", a perfect solution for recreational and training flights;  the maximum cruising speed is 230 km / h. The event hosted Ekolot for the first time. Ekolot boasts many years' experience, huge sales successes and advanced technology in the construction of ultralight aircraft. The company surprised this year's Aviation Expo participants.  The company, apart from two unique models - KR-030 Topaz and KR-010 Elf, also made its third plane debut, the one which had never been presented before. The ultralight planes have already won international awards, including those in recognition of proprietary composites, quality, finish and unique aviation parameters.  Aviation Expo also brings together companies which produce aviation garments and outfits.  Ide-Fly presented specialised suits for selected aviation sports disciplines complemented with functional clothing for professionals such as pilots of police helicopters, TOPR rescue helicopters crews and aerobatic teams from Poland.

There was a strong accent of this year's "sky-rocketing" meeting - the two all-day Technology & Law for Aviation and the Global Drone Conferences. The conference was co-organised by Joanna Wieczorek, a well-known and respected expert in aviation law from Dentons Legal House. The industry professionals gathered at the first conference talked about, among other things: modern airports and the need to build a HUB for long-haul flights, the growing importance of cargo flights in the age of pandemics, Smart Airline, aviation fuels, gyroplanes and their use, development of VIP aviation and innovations in navigation. The other drone-related conference was a stimulus to discuss: new European and Polish drone laws, PANSA UTM - safe drone flights, ways to certify crewless aerial vehicles according to military and civilian regulations, drone projects financing, hybrid drone technologies in transport, logistics and other areas.  Both conferences were also broadcast live on the Facebook Aviation Expo profile. Live-stream sessions enjoyed the viewership of nearly 10,000 people.

The Sports Modelling Club booth was the home for a simulator - a quick jump into the cockpit and the tourist Piper Cub, the aerobatic Extra 300, the fighter F-18 or even the passenger Boeing 787 Dreamliner were under your command. MASIM virtual reality simulator made the experience possible.

20 september 2020
19 to 20 September, the Aviation Expo offered plenty of topics related to drones. UAV's have recently become very popular
20 september 2020
The Sports Modelling Club from Kielce presents the MASIM simulator at the Aviation Fair. There are crowds of people willing to try their hand at the aircraft controls.
19 september 2020
The conference dedicated to the aviation industry was held as part of the Aviation Expo
19 september 2020
The Aviation Expo began today at Targi Kielce. The event dedicated to the aviation industry is a combination of exciting exhibitions, sky-high débuts, innovative technologies and industry conferences. The expo continues until Sunday, 20 September.
18 september 2020
Can't attend Aviation Expo in person? We have the perfect offer for you!
17 september 2020
Those who have always dreamed of having their own plane should come and join the Aviation Expo held 19 and 20 September
15 september 2020
GAWOR - a recognized European brand which offers accessories expands its the assortment to include aviation industry dedicated and unique transparent half-shields. New products showcased at the Aviation Expo
01 july 2020
LOT Cargo - already 166 flights under the Operation #CARGO for Poland banner. Michał Grochowski announces - there will be more flights. The carrier's project has made it possible to transport medical equipment and materials and successfully deliver to hospitals and medical facilities. In Joanna Wieczorek’s interview, an Aviation Law expert from Dentons, the new business reality is presented in great details
22 april 2020
London Stansted airport authorities are making the best of the fact that aircraft are grounded. Stansted has started to carry out the necessary tarmac modernization programme.
17 april 2020
The US government has allocated 50 billion Dollars to save American airlines, the earmarked funds will be enough for six months’ period
01 april 2020
The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has also contributed significantly to the aviation sector’s crisis. According to experts, the situation may be very dangerous for the whole industry
25 november 2019

From 28 to 31 October 2019, a delegation of Targi Kielce participated in the 30th edition of the International Security Fair CPSE - The China Public Security Expo. The fair was held at the Chinese Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre


30 september 2019
Two days’ aviation meetings at Targi Kielce - knowledge in great demand
28 september 2019
Interesting exhibition, knowledge-packed conferences, interesting guests - AVIATION EXPO continues until Saturdays 28 September
26 september 2019
Ultralight planes, helicopters and gyroplanes - September 27 and 28, the expo halls of Targi Kielce are turned into an airport. And this is thanks to the AVIATION EXPO Aviation Fair
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