From Munich to Kielce, via the USA! The awaed-winning unmanned aerial vehicles showcased at Aviation Expo

09 august 2022
Aircargo class aircraft showcased at the AirCargo Challenge in Munich and unmanned Micro class aircraft, which comes first in the technical presentation category, complemented with the fastest aircraft at the SAE International competition in Texas. The award-winning designs by the SAE AeroDesign Students Club from the Warsaw University of Technology are to be presented at this year's Aviation Expo in Targi Kielce

The event makes it possible to have a glance at the machines, learn the construction-related secrets, and above all, talk to young airplane designers; as these aircraft outclass global competition wherever they appear.

The student inter-faculty research group - SAE AeroDesign (Warsaw University of Technology) boasts over 30 years of experience and tradition. SAE AeroDesign is into unmanned lifting aircraft construction; These machines participate in the SAE International and AirCargo Challenge competitions.

The AirCargo Challange in Munich brings together young, unmanned cargo plane designers. Aircraft are made mainly of fibreglass and carbon fibre. The aircraft length is 1.8 m., wingspan - 2.3 m, and unleaded weight - 2.5 kg, payload - 3.3 kg. In the competition, bags of blood were used as the load.

- The plane needs only a 60m runway to take off, and its landing gear is prepared for take-off from the grass-covered runway. The plane is easily transportable -  it can be easily disassembled and transported in a 1100x40x250 mm box - says the Vice-President of SMKN SAE AeroDesign, Bartosz Zięzio.

The SAE International competition held in Texas selected the winning machine - Polish students' Micro class plane made of 80% carbon fibre, the so-called flying wing. The aircraft has been designed to transport cargo in cardboard boxes of the size of a small pizza. The machine won first place in the fastest plane at the SAE Aerodesign 2022 competition’s category. The machine is equipped with a foldable, steerable landing gear and a flight stabilization system. Empty weight - 1.4 kg. Take-off weight - 1.8 kg. Wingspan - 48 ”(1.22 m) Cruising speed - 39 kt (72 km / h).

The winning machines and their talented designers join the Aviation Expo in Targi Kielce, 17-18 September 2022. So come and meet them live.

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