Ultralight Skrydream's Pipistrel showcased at AVIATION EXPO

05 august 2022
Skydream revisited at AVIATION EXPO. Last year's success resulted in the distributor's decision to return to Kielce and to present the ultralight Pipistrel Virus SW plane as well as accessories and aviation equipment

Pipistrel VIRUS SW is the world's most economical and of the fastest mass-produced light aircraft in the high-wing configuration that offers top performance. The Pipistrel Virus SW presented by Skydream boasts a cursing speed of over 260 km / h. Its performance makes it a perfect option with cruising speeds of over 260 km / h, at a range of up to 2000 km. The aerodynamic brakes make it possible to take off and land on very short landing strips, even the very unofficial ones. Moreover, VIRUS SW can land on any even surface; all it needs is 350 meters long landing strip, even a forest clearing behind our house.

The Skydream expo stand offers the possibility to see the domestic products - AvioLights aviation lighting,  crafted for ultra-light aircraft. You will be able to try and test each type of light: navigation, position, strobe and beacons. This innovative and modern aviation lighting is used in aeroplanes, gyroplanes, helicopters, power hang gliders and uncrewed aerial vehicles operating around the world.

Furthermore, Skydream will present avionics from the Slovenian Kanardia company;  electronic on-board instruments designed for the light aviation market. The company's assortment includes flight measurement instruments, artificial horizon, and devices for engine work monitoring.

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