Oil analysis at Aviation EXPO

03 august 2022
Ecol deals with oil analysis in aircraft piston engines. Ecol will present its services during this year's Aviation EXPO in Targi Kielce. The laboratory representatives will present spectrographic analysis and explain how to analyse the readouts.

According to Guidelines No. 9 of the President of the Civil Aviation Authority of 29 August 2016, the analysis scope in aeroplanes with piston engines includes spectrographic analysis for determination of trends related to engine wear and tear. This knowledge is required for aircraft users and aero clubs managers. Ecol meets the expectations of aviation fans by offering spectrographic analysis of oils. In addition, at the company's expo stand is the place to find out how to read and understand the data contained in the studies.

You might find it interesting to know that one can visit the Ecol laboratory using a 3D walk. Have fun exploring

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