AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE (10-11.04.2021)

12th International Fair of Rural and Active Tourism AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE

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AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE expo abounds with surprises

Idyllic climate, mouth-watering regional specialities, spectacular shows and the latest recreation trends - these are the most characteristic elements of the Rural and Active Tourism Fair AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE. The 22 unveiling of this mouth-watering event is to be held from 9 to 11 April 2021.

Next year's AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE projects promise to be extremely interesting -  the plan offers regional-dishes tasting sessions, artistic and weaving workshops cut out for both adults and children. Alpaca breeding farm also announced their participation in the event.   The expo is going to be a genuinely idyllic event!

Plan your weekend or a holiday with the expo offers 

This expo is one of a kind event - specialised rural and active tourism promotion,  the presentation platform for the agrifarms' and agritourism associations' offer as well as the showcase for local and regional organisations and tourist resorts.   The event is an excellent opportunity to prosper for unusual tourist-spots for a weekend trips or a more extended outing.  A galore of offers presented by travel agencies and tour operators as well as and theme parks and entertainment and amusement centres are at the expo participants fingertips.  AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE is targeted at active leisure lovers. 

Savour regional delicacies, meet the chefs

The exhibition is complemented with tastings of numerous local and regional products and specialities.  The Farmers-Wife Country Clubs' specialities will also be showcased and presented at the expo.  And folk bands will play and keep the vibe of the event.  The region's best chefs will also cook for trade fair guests. 

Conferences and workshops on agritourism

The meeting is also a large dose of content, a real knowledge pool.  The conference brings together specialists who talk about the right leisure offer selection, the one that meets the requirements of even the most demanding holidaymakers. The latest trends, as well as trends related to active recreation, is also a highlight of the event.

We look forward to seeing you at  Targi Kielce - join us for AGROTRAVEL&ACTIVE LIFE - 9-11 April 2021.



21 april 2020
The Sweet Trail blog representatives, the Agrotravel&Active Life partner invite everyone - join the sentimental journey around the Lublin Rural Areas Museum. Historical souvenirs galore and presentation of what old huts looked like in the past.
16 april 2020
The Polish Tourist Organization in conjunction with the Regional Tourist Organizations Forum intends to carry out a wide-ranging promotional campaign held under the banner of "Have a holiday in Poland". This is an ingenuous idea to support the tourism industry in crisis times.
08 april 2020
This year's Agrotravel&Active Life offers attractions galore, including workshops, lectures and live shows. The agenda also includes art therapy workshops which have been designed to stimulate creativity and creative expression
06 april 2020
This year's Targi Kielce event abounds with attractions. In addition to the wide-ranging and extensive leisure and travel offer, there will be plenty of lectures, workshops and shows, including ceramic and pottery workshops
27 march 2020
Herbivorous cloven-hoofed mammals of the camelidae family will surely win the hearts of this year's Agrotravel & Active Life’s participants.
04 march 2020
The family-owned bakery will present its natural pastries at the Agrotravel event&Active Life in Targi Kielce
24 february 2020
The 12th the International Fair of Rural and Agricultural Tourism AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE features the picturesque Žilina Region, the partner of this year's event
17 february 2020
The Travel Agency "THERMAL TOURIST" is one of the exhibitors at this year's International Fair of Rural and Agricultural Tourism AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE
11 february 2020

The upcoming Agrotravel &Active Life is held from 17 to 19 April. A comprehensive leisure offer, knowledge-packed meetings, conferences and debates come in abundance, too

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