AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE (10-11.04.2021)

12th International Fair of Rural and Active Tourism AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE

  • agriturism farms and  associations
  • local action groups and fishery groups /
  • local and regional tourist organizations, resorts and tourist centres  
  • thematic villages, educational farms
  • regions, counties, communes involved in rural tourism or active recreation promotion
  • rural tourism operators / entities
  • agricultural advisory services
  • other rural tourism operators / rural business-entities
  • travel agencies and tour operators
  • government-level and self-government institutions from Poland and abroad,
  • tourist associations and organisations
  • tourist attractions,
  • theme-parks and amusement parks
  • companies and institutions involved in active tourism and active recreation:  hiking, sailing, kayaking, cycling, equestrianism, Nordic walking, mountain climbing, extreme hiking, national parks, etc.
  • rural and urban areas and tourist facilities and local areas development: historical and contemporary sites, culture, sports, recreation, entertainment
  • sports disciplines: water sports, winter sports, etc.
  • other: e.g. tourist books / guide books and magazines publishers, travel portals, travel insurance, booking systems