Alpacas at Targi Kielce

27 march 2020
Herbivorous cloven-hoofed mammals of the camelidae family will surely win the hearts of this year's Agrotravel & Active Life’s participants.

The “Naturally” Suchedniów Tourist Network  is the association of tourist and tourist-related services providers which operate in the Suchedniów commune (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) and adjacent areas.  The association joins the Kielce tourist expo in order to offer the trade-show participants with attractions galore. The organization representatives will give lectures, organise live demonstrations and workshops. Alpacotherapy is one of the topics - not only will it be discussed, but also enhanced with the real alpacas on show.

Alpacotherapy is a direct human-animal contact which employs  special exercises. This has a positive effect on the psyche, emotions, intellectual development.  Recommended as a special complement and enhancement to ths traditional therapies for people with Asperger Syndrome, children with cerebral palsy, with Down Syndrome, mental retardation, and even dyslexia and depression. Alpacotherapy improves concentration, develops motor skills, relieves anxiety. Alpacas evoke positive emotions, they placate people, regardless their age.

All those interested are offered the chance to take a souvenir photo with these amazing animals - we look forward to seeing you at the  AGROTRAVEL&Active Life expo - this in June at Targi Kielce

alpaki15.jpg [1.19 MB] alpaki14.jpg [1.13 MB]

alpaki13.jpg [1.36 MB] alpaki12.jpg [2.07 MB]

alpaki11.jpg [991.14 KB] alpaki10.jpg [1.31 MB]

alpaki09.jpg [1.72 MB] alpaki08.jpg [1.70 MB]

alpaki07.jpg [1.72 MB] alpaki01.jpg [1.15 MB]

alpaki02.jpg [1.70 MB] alpaki04.jpg [2.05 MB]


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The upcoming Agrotravel &Active Life is held from 17 to 19 April. A comprehensive leisure offer, knowledge-packed meetings, conferences and debates come in abundance, too