Ukrainian business-leader joins the Enex expo

08 november 2021
KNESS Group, headquartered in Ukraine, boasts over 11 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, which makes the company one of the most recognisable firms on its market

KNESS Polska and KNESS Development Polska, which cooperate closely, make up the company;  the parent company’s support; experienced construction and engineering personnel’s support as well as modern specialised equipment availability results in unlimited development opportunities.

After the completion of the first solar power plant construction in 2012, renewable energy sources became the main area of activity for the KNESS Group. In 2021 alone, more than 1.2 GW of solar power plants were designed in Ukraine; the largest offers the peak power of 92MW.

Projects have been implemented for key clients such as Acciona Energy, Ferrexpo PLC, VR Capital Group Ltd, etc., and thus allowed to strengthen the company’s industry position. The high quality of services has been confirmed with the ISO management system certificates.

KNESS Polska offers comprehensive generation forecasting services - the PV Forecast,  the service includes:

  • SES generation forecasting, 2 to 48 hours in advance,
  • providing forecasted data in any format to the desired platform,
  • integrated artificial intelligence system personalised for each station,
  • the FES service operating data for own software (PV.SCADA),
  • reliability of forecasted meteorological parameters and service data stored in Cloud Storage, including backups.

 The use of artificial intelligence in PV Forecast reduces the forecasting system error by ~ 16-20% for a new station, and the improvement of the forecast schedule reduces the error to 9-12%.

The Enex exhibitor provides services for solar power plants construction from 1MW of installed capacity.  Experts supervise the implementation of the project - planning through assembly, infield and commissioning of the installation included. Attention to every detail at every investment stage, individual approach to each client is KNESS’ market advantage;  this has allowed to tackle the most unusual situations and build the trust of our contractors.

After a power plant commissioning, we encourage customers to take advantage of the service, operational and technical maintenance services. Immediate, comprehensive service guarantees the efficient and uninterrupted operation of the solar power plant - 24/7/365 mode. This option reduces operating costs.

The service includes:

  • Permanent remote supervision over the power plant operation;
  • Maintenance of operational indicators;
  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment;
  • Quick reaction to non-standard situations affecting the operation of the station;
  • Quick elimination of generation obstacles; thermal imaging inspection of solar modules and electrically conductive parts; grass mowing, panel washing and snow removal with special equipment.
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