Rekordowe Targi ENEX i EKOTECH w Targach Kielce.

The record-breaking EKOTECH and ENEX expo have commenced

23 february 2022
International Power Industry Fair ENEX, Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy ENEX New Energy and the International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH bring together 170 exhibitors from 14 countries. Electric cars test drives, presentation of the latest vehicle models, practical waste segregate classes, an urban game and the latest technological solutions - this is just a fraction of this year's exp offer!

One stop shop for the whole industry.

Over 170 Exhibitors from 14 countries declared presence at the ENEX and Ekotech. The power industry's one-stop-shop brings together producers of photovoltaic panels, heat pump installers, electric car dealers, energy storage companies, in addition to traditional power engineering companies. Thus the expo brings together representatives of a whole array of companies - power plants, manufacturers of equipment and energy distribution devices, specialists and scientists from technical universities. Ekotech expo is the presentation arena; the products and services portfolio includes manufacturers of machines and equipment used in waste management, manufacturers of waste transport solutions, services related to waste segregation.

The latest technologies

Drone solutions, modern assembly and photovoltaic systems, the newest models of inverters and heat pumps, complete heating systems, as well as electric car charging stations and electrical installation equipment - these are only some examples of the Exhibitors' offer at this year's Enex. The municipal industry meeting features cutting-edge solutions for waste management and among them: applications which facilitate waste segregation, ICT systems useful in waste collection and storage, solutions designed for comprehensive monitoring over waste collection services.   There are solutions galore on show - vending machines for aluminium cans and PET packaging, electric platform vehicles used for collecting garbage and organic waste.

MiastOZE zone  - RES CITY

Enex offers the chance to pay a visit to the MiastOZE zone [RESCity zone] where industry meetings and consultations for investors and contractors and practitioners are held. The zone features many producers and main distributors;  this creates the opportunity to discuss, talk shop and get invaluable advice from specialists. The zone is also the home for interesting workshops and shows. The RES City Game may also win you attractive material prizes. There are ample of premieres of devices and products in the pipeline.

Industry forums

The industry forums co-organised by the GlobEnergia Editorial Board have become a tradition of the Enex expo. These are  Solar + Photovoltaic Forum and Polish Heat Pump Forum. New products in the market, installation problems and innovative ways to use photovoltaics and heat pumps are broadly discussed in the course of the meeting. The meetings are attended by investors, advisors, contractors interested in heat pumps and photovoltaics, as well as prospective customers. This year's Ekotech includes the  Waste Management Forum  which discusses the latest changes in regulations, domestic and foreign waste collection and recycling practices, as well as technologies for biological waste sorting and treatment.

Business-insiders conferences

For the 6th time, the Energia PL conference devoted to energy in Poland is held within the scope of the Enex expo;  energy storage is this year's leitmotif. The discussion panels feature outstanding university specialists, practitioners and representatives of companies that deal with conventional energy generation. The ENEX agenda also includes the HEAT not LOST conference mainly targeted at management boards, representatives of industrial companies, scientists and those interested in improving energy efficiency and distributed energy generation. The meeting participants are offered the possibility to learn about technical solutions for improved energy efficiency in devices and installations used in industrial processes. Technologies for energy generation and storage available on the market are also discussed. For the first time, the Together We Create Ekological Świętokrzyskie conference is at Ekotech   - the session is organised by the Department of Environment and Waste Management of the Marshal's Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Kielce. The meeting's target group comprises local governments, entrepreneurs and those interested in environmental protection. The meeting focused on the implementation of the EU's current policy, i.e. the European Green Deal. It also discusses measures designed to minimise the impact of negative climate change and topics related to the management of packaging and packaging waste - these are the main conference themes.

Poland's largest Electromobility Zone with a show track

The Electromobility Zone puts electric cars in the limelight; this has proven to be one of the Enex expo's additional attractions. Visitors are very interested in electric cars test drives are offered the chance to try and test the vehicles on a special track. The list of cars presented on the is extensive - 15 models of electric cars, including Tesla X, Tesla S, Tesla model 3, Hyundai IONIQ 5, Opel Mokka EV, Peugeot 308 PHEV.  There are also cars to see outside the track - Audi e-tron sportback, VW ID4, Skoda Enyaq, Cupra Born or VW Multivan. The vehicles presentation is the chance to learn more about electric cars' technical capabilities, operation of specific on-board systems.

All vehicle disassembly stations and waste treatment plants need

The agenda also includes the lectures cluster; vehicle dismantling stations and waste treatment plants representative are the target audience. A lecture by the Eko Auto Association held under the banner of  "Challenges for the End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Industry in 2022" as well as the meeting  "How to open a scrap purchase or vehicle disassembly station?" session are included in the agenda. Both events will be complemented by the Scrap Café and the Expert Zone; the latter offers advisory services on vehicle dismantling stations operation.

Prior registration required for the admission-free event. 

The ENEX and EKOTECH expos and the accompanying 4Insulation - the International Insulation Fair last two days, join us on 23 and 24 February.

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