TRANSEXPO 2022 - the commencement!

12 october 2022
The International Fair of Public Transport has grown in comparison to the previous editions. TRANSEXPO has brought together a total number of 100 exhibitors from 9 countries which used 8 thousand square meters of exhibition space. The producers and distributors have prepared a plethora of première presentations complemented with attractions galore for visitors. The exhibition is co-organised by the Economic Chamber of Municipal Transport

There as many as 46 new vehicles on display, including electrifying premieres.  BUSIMPORT presents as many as three new Isuzu models, the electric Isuzu Novociti Volt premieres on the first day of the exhibition.   Furthermore, Isuzu Kendo CNG and Isuzu Grand Toro Diesel are also on display. For the first time in Poland, the 12-meter city hydrogen city bus - ARTHUR H2 BUS is presented. The representatives of the ARP e-vehicles brand are also preparing their premiere - an electric bus. EvoBus Polska exhibits 3 buses, including 2 premieres. The new generation of the tourist Setra TopClass, the Setra S 416 LE, premieres on Poland. Targi Kielce will also feature NesoBus, the First Polish Hydrogen Bus.  The permanent exhibitors of the Kielce expo - Irizar, Iveco, Man, Volvo, Solaris, Otokar and BMC also promise great presentations.

Information for visitors

Tickets prices:

regular: 50 PLN

reduced: PLN 20 (for organised groups - school and student youth over 15 people - guardian free of charge). The day 12.10.2022 (the first day of the fair)  school hoers and students are NOT admitted.

Parking ticket price:

- passenger cars: 25 PLN

- coaches: 40 PLN

Opening hours:

12.10.2022: 10.00-17.00 (ticket sales until 16.30)

13.10.2022: 10.00-17.00 (ticket sales until 16.30)

14.10.2022: 10.00-15.00 (ticket sales until 13.00)

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