Municipal public carriers looking for stuff. Salaries presented at TRANSEXPO

12 october 2022
Institutions responsible for transport in many cities of Poland are looking for candidates for drivers. Positions in many departments are also offered. On Wednesday, on the first day of the 16th International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO held at Targi Kielce, the Chamber of Urban Transport organised a conference. Recruitment for companies in Warsaw, Krakow and Kielce was promoted

Warsaw, Krakow and Kielce are currently looking primarily for drivers. People interested in working in technical facilities: electricians, locksmiths and mechanics are also in demand.

- MPK in Kielce is recruiting for the positions of drivers, but we also electricians, electronics and mechatronics. In the near future, we will also look for dispatchers, where 2-3 years of training is necessary - said Marcin Lasia from the HR department of the Municipal Transport Company in Kielce.

An intensive recruitment campaign is currently underway in MPK Krakow. The company is looking for drivers, mechanics, electronics, electricians, locksmiths, machining workers and turners. MPK encourages women to take up employment as a driver.

- We offer our employees a wide range of solutions: employment contracts and self-employment options. We are also open to employ graphic designers. Women will certainly appreciate these opportunities; especially those who often want to adapt their work schedule to the needs of children - encouraged Justyna Mierzwa from MPK in Krakow. 

Lilianna Jakiel from the Krakow company drew attention to another positive aspect related to lady drivers.

- We are trying to fight the stereotype that a woman cannot be a good driver - women can do it, too! Recently, we have organised a competition in Krakow for the best driver who had to perform specific manoeuvring tasks. The woman won contest - emphasized Lilianna Jakiel.

Candidates for drivers can count on attractive salaries and a number of bonuses;  in Warsaw, salaries range from PLN 5600 gross, in Kraków from PLN 4500-4800 net, and in Kielce - from PLN 4000 net. These amounts are the basic salary. Employees also receive bonuses and allowances, and at present, further increases are still being introduced.

- We are willing to offer co-financing for driver training courses, which can boast several decades of practice. Furthermore, our employees receive bonuses of PLN 300 per month, annual bonuses and allowances. In addition, they can use cards for sports activities, medical care and free tickets for themselves and their children - said Adam Stawicki, spokesman for Warsaw MZA.

What are the requirements? There are statutory requirements (including the minimum age of 24). The candidate must also have a category B driving license, which entitles to start the course for D category. One must also pass all the necessary psychophysical tests. Stress resistance is also extremely important.

Representatives of the companies agree that many city bus drivers are true automotive enthusiasts who share their passion with other people.

- There was a young woman working for us, we appreciated her work. She must have been very positive about us, because her mother also became a driver with us after some time. This is probably the best proof that the driver's job can be so attractive that we encourage the nearest and dearest to join us - said Justyna Mierzwa from the Krakow MPK.

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