Wizyta Ministra Mariusza Błaszczaka na MSPO 21

The program known from MSPO is about to start

20 july 2022
The Minister of National Defence, Mariusz Błaszczak, approved the contract to deliver the Ottokar Brzoza tank destroyers to the Polish Military.

The framework agreement stipulates the Ottokar Brzoza programme implementation, the acquisition of tank destroyer battery fire modules. The main objective of the Ottokar Brzoza tank destroyers is to destroy armoured targets with the use of anti-tank-guided missiles in all weather conditions, both during the day and at night.

The development of this vital programme, so crucial for Poland’s defence, could be followed during the International Defence Industry Exhibition. Already in 2019, the Kielce expo became the arena for several manufacturers putting forward their offers in front of the Ministry of National Defence. During the Kielce’s International Defence Industry Exhibition 2020 MBDA concern informed that they submitted an updated offer in the ongoing technical dialogue under the program. The MBDA proposal is based on the Brimstone anti-tank missile.

During the fair  2021’s Kielce MSPO, the WB Group together with the MBDA concern, informed about the integration of Brimstone anti-tank guided missile systems with the Topaz Automated Fire Control System (ZZKO) developed by in conjunction. These are used in the Rocket and Artillery Forces. The integration of the Brimstone with Topaz allows for more effective command and the use of data from reconnaissance means, such as FlyEye UAV and Artillery Reconnaissance Vehicles. This progress also means that after the contract conclusion, it will be possible to introduce not only the missile, but the entire Ottokar-Brzoza system into the data exchange and fire control structures operating at WRiA.

The contract signed today between the Armaments Agency and the consortium established by PGZ SA for the delivery of the Ottokar Brzoza tank destroyers states that these will be armed with the Brimstone anti-tank missiles developed by MBDA UK. It is not known yet which of the Polish plants they will be the producer,  it is known, however, that the 4x4 wheeled armoured vehicles offered by Huta Stalowa Wola SA in cooperation with the Czech partner Tatra Export was selected as the carrier.

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