The last day marked with dynamic shows and presentations

29 april 2022
A simulated road accident, a rescue operation and a police dog show were the source of excitement for the audience attending the last day of Polsecure. The shows were preceded by the police’s presentation on safety prophylaxis.

Students of uniform classes of the Vocational Training Institute and the Complex of Mechanical Schools in Kielce participated in a significant conference on the prevention of road accidents  - officers of the Road Traffic Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Kielce presented a film about the most common causes of road accidents involving pedestrians.

1Z6P1511.jpg [1.20 MB] 1Z6P1561.jpg [1.07 MB] 1Z6P1609.jpg [805.64 KB]

Immediately after, the area of dynamic outdoor shows was the display arena for police officers, fire brigades and medical rescuers - they were presenting the activities of all services at the accident scene. The firefighters, using specialized equipment, retrieved the injured person from the car, and the paramedics offered the necessary help. At that time, policemen from the Road Traffic Department secured the accident scene and began investigating the circumstances.

1Z6P1638.jpg [1.97 MB] 1Z6P1667.jpg [1.33 MB] 1Z6P1647.jpg [886.74 KB]

At the end of the Friday shows, the viewers admired the police dog training show prepared by the Prevention Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Kielce. The department officers presented the possibilities of animals in the police service.

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