The Police modernisation and Development discussed at the POLSECURE

28 april 2022
The panel discussion brought together representatives of the police, fire and rescue services, and prison services who discussed the new uniforms, assortment, and the impact on the Police and other public security services' work's perception.

In the first panel - the uniform of the Police - a qualitative and image change was discussed.

The speakers list included:
• junior Insp. Beata Szadkowska –, Deputy Director for Logistics Bureau of the Police Headquarters
 Maja Podolszyńska - Deputy Director of the Remand Centre in Gdańsk
• Lt. Col. Tomasz Ryk - State Protection Service
• Captain  Dominik Kabat - Senior Specialist - Logistics Office of the General Headquarters of the State Fire Service
• prof. Engineer  Marcin Struszczyk PhD  Hab.- Director of the Institute of Security Technology "MORATEX"

The other discussion panel focused on the standardisation impact on citizens' identification of services; law enforcement services, search and rescue services, medical services

The panel brought together:
• Insp. Andrzej Kropiwiec - Director of the Police Logistics Office of the General Police Headquarters
• Mateusz Kurzajewski - Deputy Director of the Operational Centre of the Ministry of National Defence
• Col. Marek Pietrzak - Press Spokesman for the Territorial Defence Forces
• Dominik Mikołajczyk - InfoSecurity24
• Major SOP Dawid Karbowniczek - State Protection Service

The third panel discussed the issue of electromobility, ecology and new trends in transport

  • Insp. Mariusz Żurawski –, Deputy Director for Logistics Bureau of the Police Headquarters
    Piotr Piórkowski PhD. Hab - Faculty of Automobiles and Construction Machines, Warsaw University of Technology
    • Cpt. Wojciech Bininda - Specialist - District Inspectorate of the Prison Service
    • in Poznan
    • Brigadier Paweł Ogrodnik - University Professor - Main School of Fire Service
    • Colonel SOP Artur Kiszczyc - State Protection Service
    • Jakub Stefaniak - Leader Department - Toyota

Investments in the Police were the topic of the fourth panel

attended by:
• junior insp. Robert Frąckowiak - 1st Deputy Provincial Police Commander
• in Wroclaw
• Aleksander Panek - President of the Management Board of Climatic LLC
• Lt. Col. Szymon Zandrowicz - Deputy Director of the Central Quartermaster and Investment Office
Board of the Prison Service
• senior brig. Daniel Małozięć - Deputy Director for  Research and Development - CNBOP– PIB
• Piotr Kopacz - The National Centre for Research and Development

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The date of the 2nd edition of the event was set during the meeting of the POLSECURE Program Board. The session was also the recapitulation of the first edition.
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The International Police and Public Safety Expo culminated with the gala awarding ceremony - recognising the best products.
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SKY-HERO, DJI and Parrot drones offered for uniformed services could also be seen on the second day of the International Police and Public Safety Fair POLSECURE held at Targi Kielce
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On the first day of the International Police and Public Safety Expo, the WB Group, the strategic partner of the event, signed a cooperation agreement with the Secondary School Complex No. 1 from Tarnobrzeg. The manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems helps educate technical staff in uniformed classes; the school curricula related to crewless aerial vehicles is thus created.
28 april 2022
The design of new police cars - the preview of what the Police could look like has been demonstrated many times at various shows. From now on, you will also be able to see the police vehicles on the streets of Polish cities as the official unveiling was held at the International Police & Security Expo POLSECURE
28 april 2022
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"Cyber challenges in the pandemic era - information protection in the virtual world" - was the banner under which the discussion was held; the session brought together experts on virtual crimes. The panel was a part of the POLSECURE Police Fair held in Targi Kielce.