Ciągniki serii Q będzie można zobaczyć podczas targów Agrotech w Kielcach.

Premiere presentations of Valtra tractors at the Agrotech Kielce Explore the Q Series

22 february 2023
Thinks like a pro. Works like a beast. Valtra, a Finnish tractor manufacturer, describes the latest Q series. Tractors with a power of up to 305 hp will be on display at the Agrotech in Kielce - 17 to 19 March


Valtra’s 5th generation model range is now complete with an all-new series that fits between the popular T and S Series. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland, the Q series is made up of 230-305 hp tractors for large farms and services companies. The machines equipped with efficient and integrated smart technologies. By combining industry-leading design, high-quality components and finishing, and outstanding aftersales support, the Q Series has the power, intelligence, and versatility to maximise productivity while driving down costs for large farms and contractors.


Interestingly, the Q Series is produced in one of the world's greenest tractor factories in Suolahti, Finland, which is entirely powered by renewable energy.


State-of-the-art powertrain for Valtra tractors


The 7.4 liter engine offers the largest displacement on the market in tractors of this size, ensuring reliability and fuel efficiency. Maximum power available from a very low engine speed of 1,850 rpm, with peak torque between 1,000 and 1,500 rpm. The long stroke engine easily generates the high power and torque that is available in the Q Series. Valtra's EcoPower principle has been applied to the entire Q Series range, further reducing fuel consumption.   Maximum driving speed is achieved with only 1500 rpm.


The industry-leading AGCO CVT transmission is easy to operate. To keep fuel consumption at its lowest, the Q Series electronic transmission management system automatically selects the lowest possible engine rpm for the job, and distributes power to the hydraulics, PTO and transmission accordingly. The driver simply adjusts the settings to best suit the needs and tasks. Depending on the customer's cost-cutting preferences and fuel or time savings, the static control system allows the operator to make the tractor more economical or more powerful.


At 9.2 tonnes, the Q model protects the soil from compaction. The maximum gross weight is 16 tons which guarantees a high payload and it means always transporting load legally.

The Q Series is compact, has a low total height and a long wheelbase. Therefore, the centre of gravity is low which makes the Q extremely stable. The Aires Suspension in combination with the long wheelbase, increases the pulling force of the tractor and reduces power hopping. The grip to the ground is increased because the air suspension has a faster reaction time compared to industry-standard hydraulic suspension.


At road speeds, power is transmitted almost purely mechanically, which means fast and smooth acceleration. Both the cab and the front axle are air-suspended and they are perfectly synchronised to ensure a smooth ride in any environment and any temperature, whether harvesting on a hot summer day or clearing snow from the roads in winter.

The Q series and many machines from Valtra and other global producers of agricultural technology will be on display at the Agrotech expo from 17 to 19 March in Targi Kielce. 



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