Karolina Szałas i Grzegorz Przysucha z firmy ProInvest Doradztwo Inwestycyjne przeprowadzili cztery warsztaty dotyczące ekoschematów.

Ecoschemes explained. Useful workshops held within the scope of the Agrotech Expo

19 march 2023
- If a farmer does not mark eco-schemes when completing the application for subsidies, it may turn out that he will receive half of last year's amount. Thus it's worth knowing how to use ecoschemes - said Karolina Szałas and Grzegorz Przysucha from ProInvest Investment Advisory at their workshops in Targi Kielce

Many farmers gathered to attend workshops on eco-schemes held within the scope of the Agrotech exhibition in Targi Kielce. – Ecoschemes are a novelty in direct payments. It is essential to know what opportunities are offered by ecoschemes in order not to lose the money that can go to the farm - emphasized Grzegorz Przysucha.  Together with Karolina Szałas, the experts explained the financial support available for planters and animal breeders. – Soil tests, fertilization plan, crop diversification are important. There have also been changes in animal subsidies - emphasized the experts.


They calculated detailed subsidy per hectare for a farmer and analysed the conditions and differences between the ecoschemes. Farmers have three important calls for applications - a bonus or co-financing for the development of farms. – We are in for a new restructuring of small farms with a bonus of PLN 100,000 or PLN 120,000. A young farmer may get a bonus of PLN 200,000 and subsidies for the purchase of machinery in the amount of up to PLN 600,000 – they explained.


Farmers and company representatives who attended the presentations and saw the calculations indicated they had received factual information. – Short, to the point - now we have a complete data set – said Marcin and Stanisław.




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