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Polish Police - 2020’s purchasing plans

17 march 2020
The Polish Police Headquarters have presented their purchasing plans for 2020, the to-buy list includes the items presented at the Targi Kielce’s POLSECURE

The November event is targeted at national security authorities, uniformed services, special and intelligence services, law enforcement bodies.  The POLSECURE première exhibition is to be held in November 2020

The equipment on show includes armament, personal protective equipment, rescue equipment and special vehicles -  everything uniformed services, including Polish police need.
The Polish Police Headquarters procurement plan for 2020 is presented below.


The purchasing plans for 2020, the Bureau of Communications and Information Technology of the Polish Police Headquarters.

  • Video conference terminals equipped with document cameras
  • Computer hardware and software for police officers and civilian police employees
  • Monochrome and colour printing devices with consumables to be used at Police organisational units
  • Mobile ICT equipment
  • Supply of devices are used as Mobile Personal Terminals
  • Modernization of the Mobile Access to Database Management Systems
  • Expansion of the LAN access control system (ISE) for National Police Headquarters with the directory service (AD) - LAN PSTD
  • Supply and implementation of a privileged ICT access control system for police systems used by "FUDO" / CYBERArk administrators, contractors and service technicians
  • A central fax server system
  • Modernization of the Police Video Conferencing System - stage II
  • Indices Registration System for the POLCERT Team
  • Cyber security system development
  • Modernization and services of CP SPR [the Central Emergency Notification Point] and CSD [Central Access Point] as part of the project and post-warranty service for OST112 [All-Nation ICT System] network devices
  • Modernization of the ICT infrastructure under the PKiD system
  • Modernization of the MAN MEWA - the National Police Headquarters’ networks
  • Modernization of OST112 network service devices in OSTA / OSTB / OSTC as part of the modernisation project and post-warranty service of OST112
  • Modernization of CSD security components of the OST112 network as part of the post-warranty service for OST112 network devices
  • The security system efficiency increase by the CPZ system expansion in the OST112 network management centre
  • Delivery and implementation of the Passporting System for the Police ICT infrastructure elements
  • Retrofitting of the OST 112 management system
  • Central Police Tariff System
  • Construction of the Security Operations Centre for the Police infrastructure protection
  • Hardware infrastructure in connection with the systems development designed for fingerprint processing support, including the Eurodac and Pruem interface
  • Replacement of OST112 devices at Voivodeship Offices, node redundancy increase
  • Modernization of ICT central police - new server, matrix and application technologies included - Modernization of central ICT systems (application and backup environment)
  • Modernisation of central police ICT systems - new server, matrix and application technologies - Delivery and launch of a turnkey solution under the Operational Information System II
  • Migration of TDM over IP service in the OST112 network to the new hardware platform
  • Transfer keys with a control module for the needs of the Road Traffic Division
  • Modernization of CSD and OWR security components of the OST112 network as part of the post-warranty service for OST112 network devices
  • Purchase of subscription license for the currently used ESET ENDPOINT ANTIVIRUS SUITE software which provides anti-virus protection for 50,000. users of the Intranet PSTD network and other separated networks as well as ODN (KWP / KSP / KGP / CBŚP and Police HEI) together with the license and 36 months of support / service for the anti-virus system.
  • Purchase of three licenses with two-year support as part of the FBW project: "Increase the Police effectiveness in obtaining data from image recording devices"
  • Purchase EndPoint Security license with disk encryption
  • Purchase of software licenses for the modernization of central police ICT systems
  • Purchase of microprocessor cards
  • Lease of a telecommunications link between Ruda Tarnowska - KGP National Police Headquarters Olszewska Street
  • Lease of a digital telecommunications link for the police connection with the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography teletransmission network (task No. 1)
  • Lease of digital telecommunication links for the police tele-transmission network in the Office of Electronic Communications in Siemianowice Śląskie and Borucza (task No. 2)
  • Purchase of the SMS gateway service
  • Purchase of post-warranty service for central CPD information systems equipment
  • Purchase of post-warranty service for central ZCPD information systems equipment, VIRTUALISATION
  • Purchase of post-warranty services for KGP / KWP / KSP server equipment used in the Police internal systems
  • Post-warranty services for the BTUU software platform
  • Technical support services for the system, administrative and programming support for BTUU system’s software components
  • Post-warranty service for guaranteed power and backup power supply systems manufactured by TELZAS
  • Post-warranty services for computer equipment used in KGP National Police Headquarters
  • Post-warranty services for equipment which is a part of the Europol Information System (SWIzE)
  • Services for active network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, IPS, servers) located in the KGP - the National Police Headquarters’ Communications and IT Office
  • Technical Support Services (ATIK) for Oracle products (standard software)
  • Manufacturer's technical support for HP Data Protector software
  • Programming support services
  • Technical support services for the existing Detection and Prevention System of zero-day attacks
  • Manufacturer's technical support for the WorkSpace ONE VMWARE system licenses
  • Advanced technical support services for OST112 engineers
  • Purchase of radio communication devices
  • Modernization of access network to radio nodes
  • Supply of DMR standard communication equipment
  • Purchase of TETRA radios
  • Access to the current legal acts database of the Legal Information System (the System) via the Internet for 260 computer work-stations in the System simultaneous access mode - the service provided over a period of 24 months
  • "Development of the cloud-based computing capacities of the police as an innovation and security incubator" - a server room, architectural design, documentation and construction adaptation. Information and promotion activities


Tabulation of tasks to be completed and delivered in the near future



  • Passenger cars - marked police vehicles and unmarked police cars
  • Vans - base-camp vans, patrol vans, small-size prison vans (MW)
  • APRD - road traffic service panel vans
  • Off-road armoured vehicle
  • Special mail services vans
  • Assault platforms on Light Troop Carriers vehicles
  • Water cannons
  • Tanks for the aviation fuel transport
  • Special trailers
  • ETDiE [mobile diagnostics and service stations] closed box vans
  • Vehicles for dangerous goods transport
  • Buses and minibuses
  • Pyrotechnic vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Observation and patrol helicopters (single engine), transport helicopters
  • Aerial observation system
  • Installation of priority signals in official vehicles, including tachographs calibrations, legalization

Armaments, police technologies and special equipment

  • 9mm ammunition (Parabellum, Parabellum anti-rebound, FX marking munition) , calibre 12, 5,56, 7,62X51 (NATO, SEMI-AUTO), 308, 40x46
  • Pyrotechnic ejector
  • Pyrotechnic ejector
  • Electric shock weapon and cartridges
  • Pyrotechnic robot
  • Weapons, including but not limited to submachine guns, semi-automatic pistols, assault rifles, MSBS-R rifles
  • RTG devices
  • weapons equipment
  • Integrated, camouflaged bulletproof vests and bulletproof vests for "Plate Carrier" uniforms
  • Wearable cameras
  • Heavy and light pyrotechnical suits
  • Gas-tight suits
  • Anti-assault sets
  • Police helmets with face shield and anti-gas masks.
  • Gas masks with combined filter
  • Bullet-proof helmets
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles - DRONES
  • Laser speed meters
  • Stationary and portable devices for alcohol content tests
  • Electronic drug testing equipment
  • Radio jammers
  • Portable bio-gas detectors
  • Personal thermal-imaging device
  • "TESTER" devices
  • Containerised explosives storage
  • Portable unknown chemicals analyser for dangerous chemical mixtures detection


Uniforms and special equipment

  • Service, training, ceremonial uniforms accessories
  • Flame retardant overalls
  • Equipment (e.g. sleeping bags, mosquito nets, blankets, etc.)
  • Equipment used for high-altitude work
  • Parachute kits


The first POLSECURE - the International Police & Security Expo is held in Targi Kielce from 24 to 26 November.


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