OSP Kielce-Niewachlów with a new fire engine

09 october 2020
The International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition IFRE-EXPO 2019 marked the aid-campaign for the only Voluntary Services Unit in our city. The fund-raising campaign was designed to buy a new fire engine

Targi Kielce helped the volunteer firefighters to organise the money-rising campaign. The amount was considerable - the cost of a four-wheel drive rescue and firefighting vehicle is about PLN 850-900 thousand. On the first day of the trade fair, the representatives of the Volunteer Fire Department Kielce-Niewachlów met the Mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta, who expressed his interest in the problem of the well-worn, 43-year-old Jelcz, which firefighters from Niewachłów have in stock. The crowning achievement of the previous year's talks was the signing of a contract on 8 October between representatives of the Voluntary Fire Brigade and the company which will deliver the vehicle, i.e. MOTO-TRUCK. The amount has been earmarked in budget of the City of Kielce for this purpose. Having received the approval of the City Council, the amount of PLN 450,000 was allocated for the purchase.

Let us remind you that the Kielce-Niewachlów Volunteer Fire Department was one of the first units which were involved in extinguishing the fire in Targi Kielce in 2009.

Firefighters from Niewachlow promised that they would present their new car at next year's the KIELCE IFRE-EXPO held from 30 September to 2 October.


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