International Police & Security Expo POLSECURE has a new date

06 october 2020
Almost 98,000 policemen and policewomen work in Poland’s law-enforcement and safeguard safety and security of the state. The event co-organised by the Polish Police Headquarters in conjunction with Targi Kielce has been crafted around them. POLSECURE is dedicated and targeted at the public safety and uniformed services

The event was initially scheduled to be held in November this year, but after a thorough possibilities analysis regarding the expo organisational matters, the Polish Police Headquarters together with the Targi Kielce Board have resolved to postpone the treade show.

The 1st POLICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY Expo is thus to be held from 9 to 11 June  2021, in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre.

"We want the first Polscecure expo to offer its participants maximum business benefits. We do hope that the June expo and conference offer satisfactory-level event” reads the minutes of the meeting of the Polish Police Headquarters and Targi Kielce representatives.

In 2020’s Police budget is PLN 10.3 billion,  the Polish Police Headquarters also uses EU funds are allocated, inter alia, for equipment purchase and modernization.  The constant search for new solutions designed to improve the police-force work is also a chance for defence industry sector and entrepreneurs, as well as IT and transport firms. POLSECURE is an excellent opportunity to become familiar
with companies’ offers in addition to experiences exchange and talks about the uniformed services’ real needs.

Public safety is an extremely important because it affects many areas of our life. New technologies have been an increased threat, not only for the youngest, but also to other generations;  banking fraud, computer sabotage, data extortion and compromising are just some of the Internet crimes. The issue is discussed in many conferences. Cybersecurity is one of the Polish Police Headquarters’ priorities.  Computer crime issues is also to be addressed at POLSECURE.

POLSECURE is dedicated to other services responsible for safety and security, and among them the Border Guard, the State Protection Services, Special Services, Prison Services, as well as the national tax administration and Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service GOPR, Volunteer Water Rescue Service WOPR, Tatra Mountains Volunteers Rescue Service TOPR, Air Ambulance Services LPR.



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Porozumienie w sprawie organizacji Międzynarodowych Targów Policji
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