Wyjątkowe jubileusze targowe.

Exceptional anniversaries celebrated at the EKOTECH and ENEX expos

23 february 2022
The exhibitors brought together for the meeting of the municipal and energy industry there are companies that celebrate their jubilees this year - they gave gained appreciation from the expos' organizers

This year's Ekotech and Enex expos witnessed the anniversary celebrations of:

- 5th anniversary of the Ekotech Exhibitor - Communal Techniques Magazines and Enex Exhibitors - BayWa.re

- the 10th anniversary of Ekotech exhibitors - the Arbena, Ekorum, the Polish Association of Vehicle Disassembly Stations, and the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster,

- the 15th anniversary of the Enex Exhibitors - AiSWEI and the Globenergia magazine

- 20th anniversary of Ekotech exhibitors - Marseplast and ARTechnik companies, the Enex exhibitors - PEREKO, GBC Solino,

- 25th anniversary of the Ekotech exhibitor - Business and Ecology magazine, Polish Ecology magazine and Enex exhibitors - Prawtech

- the 40th anniversary of the Enex exhibitors - IBC Solar and Galmet

- 70th anniversary of the company's business presence complemented with its 40 years of NIBE heat pumps and 20 years of heat pumps' presence in Poland - Enex exhibitors

- 150th anniversary of the OCHSNER company - the exhibitor at Enex.

The expo stands of those celebrating their anniversary offered attractions and surprises prepared galore for the expo guests.

The exhibitor at Ekotech, the Bergmann company, celebrated the 10th anniversary of establishing the company's Polish representative and the 50th anniversary since the firm was created in Germany.


We wish all the Jubilarians to continue their success story!


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