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Recycling Expo - an inherent  part of the Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn

The upcoming "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn" is held from 24 to 25 September 2024; the Recycling Expo is an indispensable part of the industrial expo cluster. The event focuses on recycling of all non-ferrous metals, including copper, zinc and lead.

Recycling one stop shop

The expo’s branch range encompasses, inter alia; non ferrous metal recycling, including copper, zinc, lead and light metals as well as precious and critical metals in addition to all secondary metals contained in scrap materials, reusable and waste materials, semi-finished goods, sludge and others. The expo welcomes all the companies that deal in scrap metal processing as well as suppliers of specialised recycling machines, appliances, and means of transport as well as ecological solutions, control, and measurement apparatuses. The exhibition stands will showcase technologies designed for secondary materials, waste, scrap metals and other reusable material separation and processing preparation in addition to pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy processing, machines, appliances and means of transport, metallurgy processing plants, foundries and casting houses, cutting-edge products and technologies, energy for processes, heat recovery, recycling logistics and economics.

The RECYKLING expo complements the "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn" cycle - the expo cluster comprises the  METAL expo with ALUMINUM & NONFERMET and HEAT TREATMENT EXPO.

The upcoming "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn" is held from 24 to 25 September 2024. The expo is just one click away - go to the Customer Portal and register for the show.

We look forward to seeing in Targi Kielce!