horti-tech HORTI-TECH fruit expo - cutting-edge machines, fertilizers and... health!

Sustainable gardening and gardeners safety - the theme of the jubilee, 5th HORTI-TECH  held on 6 and 7 November 2020. The expo offers the perfect opportunity to meet high-class experts at the same and in one place.

Targi Kielce and Leaf Media join forces for the best of the horticultural industry. The exhibition has been designed to consolidate the fruit and vegetable farming industry and provide its business insiders with access to the latest technologies and most up-to-date practical knowledge. The previous trade show attracted well over 3,500 visitors.


The conference, safety and security

The 1st National Forum on Sustainable Horticulture and Organic Production is the main event of the upcoming HORTI TECH -  this has been designed the experiences exchange platform, novelties presentation arena and consultations point.

In addition to experts’ knowledge and technological innovations, the organisers also take care of fruit and vegetable producers’ health - the expo agenda offers free, basic medical tests for visitors.  Come and have your blood pressure, your eyesight and hearing tested.

Everything fruit and vegetable industry needs

The exhibition encompasses cultivators and tools used in orchards and vegetable production. There are also all necessary fertilizers, biostimulants, protection sources and many other products useful for fruit and vegetable production.  These and many other products farms cannot go without will be showcased at Targi Kielce  

We look forwards to seeing you at Targi Kielce's on 6 and 7 November 2020.

01 april 2020
The Union of Fruit-Growers of the Republic of Poland proposes changes which befit the coronavirus pandemic time