Product and service range

Product and service range:



Tractors, mulchers, power harrows, herbicide beams, rippers, combine harvesters for fruits and vegetables, scales, rollstock baggers, packaging machines, vegetable washers, brushing machines, elevators, chargers, forklifts, orchard platforms, pluk-o-traks, sorting lines for fruit and vegetables, sprayers, tree cutting strips, seeders, fertilizer spreaders, hoes, weeders, cultivation machinery, mowers, scythes, trimmers, aerators mechanical, combustion and electric, electric and combustion cultivators, garden vacuums, branch shredders, pressure washers, air heaters, saws chain, internal combustion, electric, contour saws for cutting orchards, engine accessories (oils, lubricants etc), juice presses

Tools and equipment

for soil cultivation, taking care of plants, tools for planting, shears manual, pneumatic, electric.

Peats and substrates

expanded clay, mineral wool, peats, perlite, coir matting, carbon matting, hydroponic cultivation systems

Greenhouses and film tunnels

greenhouse buildings, constructions, coat material foil, glass, plastic, shading curtains, devices for irrigation and fertilization mixers, dosing equipment for fertilizers, equipment for water treatment and filtration, tanks, pipes, control gears for inspection and measurement, climate computers, controllers, computer software, control and measurement devices, air conditioning equipment, heating and cooling systems, systems for ventilation and air exchange


pumps, hydrophores, tanks, sprinklers, drip line systems, micro-sprinklers, emitters, filters, fittings and control gear

Plant protection

fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, growth regulators

Fertilizers and biostimulators

mineral, lime, and liquid fertilizers, biostimulators, natural and organic products


pots (plastic), seed trays, unwoven fabrics and film for lining and covering, support, clasps, arches, signs and labels, protective and supporting nets, crop carts, horticultural packaging, contrast agents

Nursery equipment

for trees, shrubs and berries


CO2 scrubbers, nitrogen generators, refrigeration doors, polyurethane foams, testing equipment

Orchard constructions

anti-hail grids, poles, support, pegs

Protective equipment

clothing and footwear for gardening, masks, gloves

Horticultural services

design and construction of storage facilities, IT services, logistics, supply tracking, field measuring, water exploration, well drilling, juice pressing, fruit and vegetable collection companies, soil testing, consulting and certification, weather stations

Organic farming

living organisms, pollinating insects

Wine production





vans, personal and specialist cars

Publishing houses, media


Banks and insurance companies


Producer groups and associations



anti-hail cannons, foggers, windmills, sprayers, insulated containers, biosonic equipment, labeling appliances, individual fuel stations