27 february 2023
The PLASTECH INFO Technical Seminar is one of the accompanying events at this year's 27th PLASTPOL Expo in Kielce. The Seminar marks the second day of the Expo, 24 May 2023. The session features presentations and speeches, whose leitmotiv is "ADVANCED POLYMER MATERIALS - TECHNOLOGIES, PROCESSING, APPLICATIONS".

Thematic scope of the Seminar mainly pertains to the role and importance of plastics in everyday human life. This material gives the opportunity to develop and implement innovative solutions for the constantly changing needs and challenges of society. Plastics are versetile and durable and offer great potential to adapt to various needs. Plastics are unusual materials, inextricably linked with industry's and technology's development, innovativeness and science." says Jacek SZCZERBA, representing the TWORZYWA.PL website.

- For many decades, Poland has been the undisputed leader of the plastics processing industry in the Central and Eastern Europe region [1]. This extremely important area for the Polish economy is ranked 3rd among the industrial processing sectors (taking into account the gross added value) and employs over 200,000 people. According to the Plastics Europe Foundation data, the volume of local plastics production is estimated to reach 1.7 million tonnes; this amount is completely insufficient to respond to the needs of processors, despite numerous polymerization installations (e.g.: HDPE, LDPE, PA6, PET, PP, PS, PVC) and the presence of local compounders producing modified varieties of a wide range of plastics. Therefore, a large part of the demand is covered by imported raw materials.

In fact, plastics define the way we live today,  they improve the lives of millions of people around the world by making life easier, safer and more enjoyable. At the same time plastics are pivotal in accelerating Europe's transition to a low-carbon, circular economy where resources and energy are used in the most efficient way. We should also remember that plastics offer more durable and at the same time lighter constructions not only do they guarantee an adequate safety level, but also a lower noise ambience, and exhaust emissions reduction. And on top of that, plastics save lives, but this has already been mentioned. However, plastics require interdisciplinary skills allowing for proper use and, above all, processing.

We invite all PLASTPOL Expo participants to participate in the Seminar. We want to show how much the constantly developing and constantly improved plastics processing technologies have revolutionized and continue to change our everyday lives. Thanks to the plastics and skilfully selected technologies, we produce better, more durable and perfect products that meet the constantly changing market requirements - adds.

- Long-term development investments based on high-level innovation[2]well-educated engineering and technical staff, as well as appropriate economic incentives (special zones and tax reliefs), have had a positive impact on the automation, robotization and increase in the competitiveness of enterprises as well as the implementation of the latest achievements and technologies in the plastics processing industry. This development includes energy-saving and low-emission solutions and heat recovery installations. The vibrant sector marks its presence at our Expo; - says Kamil PERZ, PLASTPOL project director.

We are convinced that plastics ensure a sustainable future and development. Predominantly determinated by ecodesign, ecodesign, green technologies and green energy. Polish companies are European development trend-setters for the entire business sector. This state of affairs is confirmed by the visible interest and investment commitment of Polish producers and plastics processors; this is aimed at expanding product portfolio so that to respond to climate challenges and embrace a circular economy. This year's PLASTECH INFO Seminar will put these problems in the limelight. We want to emphasize the role of knowledge, competence and experience for product design and development as well as its production. A proper selection of materials, technology and optimization of the processing process are vital.

In the Organisers' opinion, there is still a strong, entire industry's need to propagate and increase the appropriate level of engineering knowledge. Constant creation of a positive image of plastics and the impact of processing technologies as well as the plastics sector's development aimed at improving living conditions also need to be publicly known.

We look forward to seeing you in Kielce!

Event Venue | PLASTPOL 2023 Targi Kielce, Pavilion E, Conference Room, free admission, open to the public

The WWW.TWORZYWA.PL website is the partner and co-organizer of the Seminar