Magdalena Dziczek ze związku EKO-PAK zaznaczała, że nadchodzące zmiany w użytkowaniu opakowań dotkną każdego mieszkańca.

Challenges for plastic recycling sector. The changes that will affect every resident discussed at the conference held within the scope of the Plastpol Expo

24 may 2023
The need to educate society on waste segregation, problems with plastics processing and recyclate management, a vision of reducing the production of unrecyclable waste... The "Plastic recycling - one goal, many possibilities" conference revealed a number of problems faced by the waste industry and indicated the development directions

The meeting on plastics recycling at Targi Kielce, organised by the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, gathered specialists in waste segregation, plastics production, waste processing, and recyclate production.  Katarzyna Błachowicz, vice president of the management board at the coordinator of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, explained that the European Green Deal also applies to the waste industry. – The Green Deal Industrial Plan stipulates, inter alia, a predictable and simplified regulatory environment, which is very important for the entire waste industry. The measures include a faster access to finance at the national and EU level for cleantech sectors and a proposal for a European Sovereignty Fund to boost research and innovation. The plan also includes upgrading skills in strategic industries and global cooperation to make trade boost Green Deals throughout the supply chain, described Katarzyna Błachowicz.


The Experts - Anna Kozera-Szałkowska, managing director of the PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation, and Magdalena Dziczek, director and member of the board of the Association of Employers of the Packaging Industry and Products in Packaging EKO-PAK, pointed out the most critical problems in recycling. Society's approach to segregation and the need for education was discussed;  changes in packaging production technology designed to produce recyclable packaging were also mentioned. A combination of mechanical and chemical recycling an important topic of the conference; this could transform previously unrecyclable plastic into new bottles, clothing materials or other everyday items. 


Further changes will affect every inhabitant - you need to be ready for vegetables and fruits on store shelves available in packages over 1.5 kg. Smaller packaging such as fruit in baskets in half-a-kilo portions will be phased out - fruit and vegetables will be available only in bulk. There are also plans for reusable packaging for coffee or takeaway fries.   


A lot of emotions were caused by the discussion held under the banner of "Plastics in a sustainable economy", which was part of the conference organised by Waste Management and Recycling Cluster during the trade fair. The participants - Anna Kozera-Szałkowska, managing director of the PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation, Magdalena Dziczek, director and member of the board of the Association of Employers of the Packaging Industry and Packaging Products EKO-PAK, Szymon Dziak- Czekan, president of the board of the Polish Recycling Association, Ewa Starzyk, director for scientific and legislative from the Polish Association of the Cosmetics Industry and Robert Szyman, general director of the Polish Association of Plastics Converters. Katarzyna Błachowicz, vice president of the management board at the coordinator of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, was the moderator.


The speakers pointed out that packaging for small products, such as bars and mascaras, or fast food, will have to be replaced with reusable packaging; this is a big challenge in recycling. President Szymon Dziak- Czekan stressed the fact that recycling companies are experiencing great difficulties related to the rising costs of electricity. - Even the energy prices freeze-period didn't help. The costs are huge, and the demand for recyclate is decreasing,  at the moment, we are not fully utilising our processing capacity. Statutory solutions supporting the use of recyclate are needed - he explained.


The 24th PLASTPOL - International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing at Targi Kielce continue until Friday. More information can be foin at  targikielce.pl/plastpol


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