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Stay home, stay safe and help children - join forces with the Children's Rights Protection Committee!

22 april 2020
Together with the "Child Friendly World" competition winners, the KOPD - Children's Rights Protection Committee launches the campaign - the objective is to offer possibility to buy educational toys, puzzles and games and thus help children from families which are facing pandemic related problems. According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children and adolescents are one of the most stress exposed groups at the COVID-19 pandemic.

Psychologists recommend parents to remain calm, devote more time to their children and discuss the
 COVID outbreak related emotions. Parents should always assure their child that they are safe and sound.  You should also minimize exposure to COVID spread information and establish a consistent daily routine - school and homework time, help at home chores (e.g. cleaning the room, vacuum cleaning, taking out the rubbish), entertainment.


"Apart from loving families who are able to address their own needs
 and meet the experts’ recommendations, there are families who are in crisis during the pandemic. We help and act for such families benefit - although in the form has been changed. We keep on working.   We also want to help by inviting parents and guardians to join the #StayHome campaign initiated by the Children's Rights Protection Committee and its partners.  Socially sensitive companies such as Hipokampus and Brandin understand how important it is to provide constant assistance to those in need.

How can one help? Go to bylosobie.pl weebsite and enter the  kod27  when buying games or films.  An interesting suggestion also from Brandin: when buying the Dragon Castle on the store's website https://wiseelk.pl/ , enter the KOPD coupon code.  This simple way for everyone to help us while buying valuable and excellent products.” emphasizes Magdalena Stachowiak Alexandrowicz from KOPD.


"We have joined the KOPD initiative because we think that free-of-charge help offered by the Committee to children and their families cannot be underestimated. Many specialists from various fields have created this organisation. Their professional, reliable and passionate work makes it possible to protect the rights and interests of children and their families. This is also the way to restore faith that dreams may come true, that a normal loving family is attainable" says Hipokampus publisher Joanna Budniok-Feliks

"We want to help together with the KOPD, because the KOPD is particularly close to our hears. We know how much good KOPD offers children and their carers. By sharing our profits we want to show gratitude.  Our Dragon Castle received the main prize in the previous Child Friendly World Competition edition -  gypsum bricks a castle is built of either according to the instructions or our imagination. " - emphasizes Katarzyna Guzewicz from Brandin


The Children's Rights Protection Committee also callas out for other companies - producers of toys and games available online. These are requested to join the campaign whose objective if to save children from trauma in difficult times of epidemics. Everyone can also help - just hit the website and buy games and toys marked a part of the scheme.


More information about current campaigns:



Children's Rights Protection Committee

 The Children's Rights Protection Committee is a nationwide, non-profit public-benefit organization which deals with children's and families' rights and interests protection. The Committee has been active since 1981 and its mission is to protect the rights and interests of children and their families in crisis situation.  KOPD pursues its mission through the Intervention Centre based in Warsaw and in its 22 branch-offices located in other Polish cities. The Children's Rights Protection Committee is an NGO which offers psychological, educational, diagnostic, psychotherapeutic counselling and legal mediation. The Committee ties to find the most appropriate forms of the child and family assistance .


KOPD's mission is to help those who cannot protect themselves - i.e. children. To do this, we effectively organize public collections and CSR campaigns, social campaigns and events, with the Child Friendly World competition being the most prominent one. This has been designed to develop the campaign composed of specific, wide-ranging activities ranging from legal advice, through diagnosis, long- and short-term therapy, mediation to support groups. We also organise trainings and workshops for people who professionally help children.


 For more information on the KOPD activities go to  www.kopd.pl website .



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