"Plastics and Art" – an unusual combination at Plastpol 2024 in Kielce. See unique paintings and sculptures

10 may 2024
An exhibition of innovations in the plastics processing industry will be accompanied by a unique… art exhibition. From May 21 to 24 at the Kielce Trade Fairs, every visitor will be able to see works from the German Laabs Art Gallery. The unique paintings by Magdalena Laabs will attract the attention of both the industry and art lovers. – The works demonstrate how art can inspire innovation and introduce new perspectives to the technological world – notes Magdalena Laabs.

Laabs Family – a synthesis of art and technology

Dr. Magdalena Laabs, together with her husband, ing. Adam Laabs, run the engineering company Rolbatch Laabs, specializing in plastics processing technology. They are also co-founders of Laabs Art Gallery in Eberswalde near Berlin. Thus, they combine the world of art with modern technologies. Their joint passion for innovation and art is manifested in unique projects that will be presented at the upcoming Plastpol 2024 fair, from May 21 to 24 at the Kielce Trade Fairs. Their eight-year-old daughter Alexandra is also talented, already creating unique graphics, mainly with cat motifs. Magdalena Laabs' older daughter, 19-year-old Victoria, continues the family's interests in art and technology.

Their paintings will be visible at the Kielce Trade Fairs. They will present over 100 works, including impressive large oil paintings measuring 160 cm x 160 cm. Such a scale and format of works make this exhibition one of the largest and most unique artistic initiatives on the European stage. - It is a unique opportunity to see how large painting formats can affect the perception and emotions of visitors, attracting a wide audience and drawing attention to the unique combination of art and technology – emphasizes Magdalena Laabs.


Among the presented works will be award-winning works

"Mysterious Beauty with Feather Crown" by Magdalena Laabs and "The Spirit of Speed" by Adam Laabs have won prestigious Artista d’Europa awards in Milan and were exhibited among others in the Antonio Battaglia Gallery in Milan. "The Strength of the Bull in the Shadow of Speed" by Adam Laabs was highlighted in Top Selection Paris 2024 and exhibited in the Thuillier Gallery in Paris. Another painting by Magdalena Laabs, "My Angel", depicting a portrait of her late mother, highlighted in Top Selection Paris 2024 and exhibited in April and May at the Thuillier Gallery in Paris. At the Kielce Trade Fairs, you will also be able to see "Herald of Happiness"  – the latest work by Magdalena Laabs, intended to bring happiness in personal and business life, full of optimism and positive energy, inspiring the attraction of prosperity and harmony.


Plastic sculptures at Plastpol

At Plastpol 2024, in addition to the Laabs family's works, works by Beata Filek, representing the magazine "Tworzywa", Jolanta Kurzela, and Claire Dubois, who collaborate with Laabs Art Gallery, will also be presented. Meanwhile, Tom Dierick from the BEGRA company will present his plastic sculptures, which combine art with technology.


Meetings with artists

At the Plastpol fair in Kielce, the authors of the works will also be present. In hall A at the exhibition stand (A-130), the Laabs family will be happy to meet with visitors and exhibitors, sharing their inspirations, experiences, and passion for art. – We want to bring the fair participants closer to the magical world of artistic expressions – emphasizes Magdalena Laabs.


Art as an inspiration for innovation

The exhibition "Plastics and Art" will show that art is not only a form of expression but can also be an inspiring element leading to innovative solutions in the industry. Paintings and sculptures presented by Laabs Art Gallery, made with both traditional and modern techniques, will underscore this idea, offering a new look at the potential of plastics – says Magdalena Laabs.


"Da Vinci" foundation. Inspiring the future of young artists

Importantly, during the Plastpol 2024 fair, the Laabs family will publicly announce the creation of a new foundation – "Da Vinci". The name of the foundation refers to Leonardo da Vinci, who was a master of interdisciplinarity, combining art with science, which reflects the spirit of the foundation's activities. Magdalena and Adam Laabs, like Da Vinci, integrate art with technology. Adam is an inventor and innovator, while Magdalena, with her rich humanistic approach, passion for travel, and knowledge of many languages, brings an international perspective. Magdalena and Adam Laabs have visited 35 countries on several continents, many repeatedly. Alexandra, in her first year of life, was already in 15 countries. The "Da Vinci" Foundation will support young artists, helping them develop their artistic talent and enabling the exploration of new techniques and the presentation of their work to a wider audience. The aim of the foundation is to create a space where artists can combine different fields of knowledge, inspire each other, and transcend the boundaries of traditional art perception.


"Successful Mindset". Achieving success according to Magdalena Laabs and Brian Tracy

During the Plastpol 2024 fair, there will also be a pre-sale of the book "Successful Mindset - The Key to Achieving Your Goals", co-authored by Magdalena Laabs. Brian Tracy, a well-known motivational speaker and Magdalena's mentor, is a co-author. The author shares her personal path to success, showing how the application of universal success principles, which Brian Tracy presented in his more than 90 books and seminars, helped her achieve goals in the fields she chose. Magdalena describes 23 of these principles, which can lead anyone to success, regardless of the industry or individual aspirations. The book is not only a collection of practical tips but also an illustration of how systematic application of proven strategies can transform dreams into reality. The pre-sale of the book at the Plastpol fair is an opportunity to firsthand experience what connects successful people worldwide. A book by Engineer Adam Laabs on the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life will also be available.


Commitment and mission of "Laabs Art Gallery"

Laabs Art Gallery, known for promoting artistic talents and integrating art with industry, continues its mission of education and inspiration. Planned initiatives, such as the "Da Vinci" Foundation supporting young artists and further projects combining art with technology, herald further chapters in the gallery's activity.


  • The upcoming Plastpol 2024 fair is not only an opportunity to admire art but also to reflect on the future of technology and its sustainable development. We invite you to future editions, which will undoubtedly bring even more innovations and artistic impressions – encourages Magdalena Laabs.



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