MSPO 22: Billions earmarked for new vessels

03 november 2021
The previous International Defence Industry Exhibition included accompanying events and among them the conference on "The Polish industry's Involvement in the implementation of the Miecznik programme - cooperation prospects" organised by the Polish Armaments Group

It is worth recalling that "Miecznik" is not the only Ministry of National Defence's programme targeted at the Navy;  according to the long-term modernisation plans for the armed forces outlined by the Ministry of National Defence, approximately PLN 60 billion is earmarked for the Navy reconstruction by 2034. In addition to the completion of the three minehunter series - "Kormoran II" (now under construction), the "Miecznik" programme includes the acquisition plan for two submarines (the "Orka" programme), two radio-electronic reconnaissance ships ("Delfin"), the rescue ship "Ratownik", a logistic support vessel "Bałtyk", two hydrographic ships "Hydrograf" and two floating demagnetisation stations "Magneto".

The operational plans also include the construction of a fuel tanker. The financial situation of the country and the state of the budget allows, the acquisition of fast, smaller missile ships - the "Murena" corvettes, protected by a short-range air defence system. The corvettes are to be armed with on-board anti-ship missile systems and ground-based targets, a medium calibre naval cannon and artillery direct defence kits.

- Now, we are developing a consortium supported by at least 60 companies, and we carefully calculate the costs. This is to guarantee end-to-end financing of the "Miecznik" investment. In two years from the decision, I expect to cut metal sheets if we manage to choose the ship's technology efficiently. We select among the three proposals - British, Spanish and German, which are on the table now. We thus expect to launch the hull in 2024, and shortly thereafter - to start tests of the frigate prototype. The investment has been carefully thought out.  We will be able to accelerate the process because we will use the ready-made ship design, buy a proven combat system from an experienced foreign partner and obtain support in managing the entire, highly complex project - describes the stages of activities Sebastian Chwałek, President of PGZ.


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