Kielce Bike-Expo online - tourist accents included

26 october 2020
The upcoming Kielce Bike-Expo online edition is the place to see the offer of towns which favour cycling development

Trips on two wheels have recently gained popularity. This is owed to the combination of physical activity craze and the opportunity to explore the most beautiful places at the same time. The places which are best suited to the needs of cyclists can be explored at the  Kielce Bike-Expo online.

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Discover the charms of the Łapsze Niżne commune

The Spisz-located Łapsze Niżne commune stretches between the Podhale and the Pieniny Mountains. This is a most picturesque region. Neighbouring communes: Bukowina Tatrzańska, Czorsztyn, Nowy Targ. Łapsze Nize borders with Slovakia to the south. The north-eastern border is the Lake Czorsztyn. The west border goes along the Białka River.

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The Łapsze Niżne commune abounds with impressive listed buildings and rich folk culture,  every place in Spiš offers exciting attractions for tourists.

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The original landscape, genuine customs, costumes, architectural style, and the famous old Hungarian stronghold - the "Dunajec" Castle in Niedzica on Czorsztyn Lake are the main tourist attractions. Active recreation aficionados can hike along the tourist routes in the Pieniny Spišské and Magura Pieniny. Actively bike recreation is possible with the numerous walking and cycling paths. The Czorsztyn Lake is a perfect spot for water sports. The lake surface is the best place to admire the beauty of the natural gem - the "Green Rocks" nature reserve.

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Clean air, charming views, and peaceful areas of the commune - this is a real paradise for tourists. Accommodation facilities range from agritourism farms through hotels, guesthouses to castle chambers. Thus the commune is an ideal base for trips to the nearby Pieniny, the Tatra Mountains and Gorce Mountains.

You will be able to get acquainted with the charms of the commune - 21 and 22 November - the Kielce Bike-Expo online.  


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