Four-time Omniplast winner Jacek Łyżwa from Plastoplan Polska is preparing to participate in the next edition of the competition. - This is an opportunity and motivation to work beyond what I do every day - he says.

Jacek Łyżwa, Omniplast 2023: - I am also taking part in this year's competition. I find it a self-test and extra motivation

29 january 2024
Four-time winner Jacek Łyżwa, Key Account Manager at Plastoplan Polska LLC talks about preparations for the competition and the Omniplast competition’s impact. The event is organised by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the tworzywa.pl website and held within the scope of Plastpol Expo - International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing. From 1 February, you can apply for the 13th edition.

Jacek, you have won the Omniplast title four times in a row. What is the secret of success? How do you prepare for the competition?

Jacek Łyżwa: There is no simple answer to this question. I must admit that some final questions required me to take a wild guess, so luck is definitely needed. – Luck is supported by intuition, a sense and understanding of the subject. These, in turn, tap into knowledge from education and experience. I have been selling plastics for over twenty-five years. At that time I have met many people, experienced industry professionals. Each conversation with them is another valuable lesson. I try to stay up to date and keep abreast of the latest development in the rapidly changing and evolving industry. I read magazines, articles and books. This is especially important because I have no formal education in plastics.. Last autumn i made the most of the opportunity created by Plastoplan Polska and started postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology, majoring in plastics technology and processing.


What does the laurel in the Omniplast competition mean to you?

Jacek Łyżwa: The Omniplast title winner emphasises that every time he receives the statuette and award, he feels great joy and excitement. I am happy to have won, but I am equally happy to see the reaction of my family, colleagues and friends.


Why is it worth taking part in this competition? Will you also register for the 2024 edition? 

Jacek Łyżwa: - There is no risk, nothing we can lose. In fact, only when I qualify for the final ten do emotions and stress start. The competition requires specialised knowledge. Every time I put myself to a test. This is an opportunity and motivation to work more, to go an extra mile. Of course, I will take part in the 2024 edition.


What do you do at Plastoplan?

Jacek Łyżwa: I am a Key Account Manager at Plastoplan Polska,  So formally it boils down to selling plastics. I usually talk to clients about prices, availability of raw materials, delivery schedules, and payments. I get many questions when talking to clients on a daily basis; these inquiries  go beyond typical commercial matters  and concern the properties of plastics, processing, proper selection of raw materials, production problems solving, regulations and documentation. A much broader and very demanding knowledge is needed. Hence my interest in chemistry and plastics processing technology;  My goal is to meet my clients’ expectations, who will thus be able to develop their businesses. A job well done gives me satisfaction.


This job is engaging and demanding. So how do you spend your time outside the business hours?

Jacek Łyżwa: Family life is the most important to me,  I am a happy husband and father of three. The children are now adults, so my wife and I have more time for ourselves;  we share the passion of reading books. I read a lot, I also like to look for good books in second-hand bookstores. I read both scientific and popular science books, fiction. My second passion, which I also share with my family - tai chi gymnastics, which I have been practising for seven years. We like to travel, relax at our cottage, and we love music and movies.

Thank you for the conversation. I wish you good luck in the Omniplast 2024 competition.

Jacek Łyżwa: Thank you.


The Omniplast competition registration 1 February 2024 

Omniplast competition is organised within the scope of the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL - Poland's most important and largest plastics processing industry exhibition, the knowledge-exchange event enjoys Europe-scale recognition. The project prepared by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the tworzywa.pl website aims to popularise knowledge about plastics and their processing technologies. The competition is targeted at all companies exhibiting the 28th PLASTPOL and their representatives. From 1 February 2024, you can register to participate in this year's contest edition. The competition consists of three stages. The winners of the first three places will receive financial prizes worth PLN 18,000 in total. Details, rules and regulations and registration form available at targikielce.pl/plastpol


The Targi Kielce’s 28th International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL is held in Targi Kielce from 21 to 24 May 2024.

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