O potencjale pomp ciepła, aktualnych trendach i nowościach podczas Forum Pomp Ciepła na Targach ENEX.

Heat pump technology marks its presence at the Heat Pumps Forum, a fringe event to the jubilee ENEX Expo

30 january 2023
In 2021, over 56,000 heat pumps were sold in Poland, and in 2022 already over 206 thousand - according to all indications, 2023 may turn out to be a record-breaking year, because heat pumps technology allows for ecological, effective and cheap heating. You will be able to find out about it at the Heat Pumps Forum held within the scope of the jubilee ENEX Expo. Prior registration is required for the admission-free event - REGISTRATION

The 16th Heat Pump Forum held during the first day of the ENEX Expo offers the opportunity to learn what is the potential of the Polish heat pump market, what is the place of ground and air heat pumps on the market, and what is the current price situation of this technology . Participants of the meeting will also learn about current trends and market novelties as well as the possibilities of co-financing for heat pump purchase. The Speakers list includes industry specialists and practitioners.

Prior registration required for the admission-free event. If you want to register go to the Registration tab.


E Conference room



  • Overview of support programs for heat pump investments
  • Poland's heat pump market - status at the end of 2022 and prospects for 2023
  • Editorial review of offers in heat pumps investments
  • Overview of market news for 2023


  • Air conditioning vs. heat pump - a new idea, pragmatic attitude or a dead-end street (Stanisław Glodny - Panasonic)
  • Mistakes of heat pump users, i.e. a heat pump - what is it and what is it not? (Adam Minikowski - NIBE Biawar)
  • Heat pumps based commercial investments - production halls, multi-family buildings and large-format stores (Damian Filipowicz - Mitsubishi Electric)


European heat pumps market - changes, current status, forecasts | Heat pump market in Poland - status at the end of 2022 and prospects for 2023 | 2022 is the year of heat pumps. Poland benchmarked with Europe | Zero Emission Buildings with PV PC and energy storage facilities| Clean Air and My Heating - what further with subsidies for heat pumps are there in the pipeline? | Quality seal for heat pumps - is it really needed?


  • The heat that cannot be seen - Viessmann Invisible (Dawid Pantera – Viessmann)
  • Evolution in the heat pumps capabilities - where is the market heading? What heat pump functions are there on the horizon? (Kamil Rdzanek and Kamil Rosa – Immergas)
  • Higher power-split heat pumps with R32 - legal requirements and solutions (Mateusz Jaworski - Daikin)
  • Low-temperature geothermal potential maps - a new tool for designers and investors (Grzegorz Ryżyński - PGI-NRI)


Logistic challenges and customer attitude towards heat pump installation | Do heat pumps' parameters still matter? |Energy crisis and running a business - experiences exchange.

"BEST PRACTICES IN BEST HANDS" Contest results announcement



The jubilee ENEX Expo agenda includes several accompanying events:  This year's ENEX expo abounds with a whole array of fringe events.  SOLAR + forum a - the photovoltaics forum, Heat Pump Forum devoted to heat pump technology,  the Energia PL Conference addressing issues related to energy storage.  Electromobility Showroom, which features the latest models of electric cars, THE RES-CITY GAME   with valuable prizes, Contests for Installers and product launches presented by the most significant and best Polish producers.  The ENEX Expo is accompanied by the parallelly-held International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH. We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade shows held on 8 and 9 March 2023. 


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