Najnowszy przemysłowy magazyn energii od Huawei na Enex.

The latest large-scale electricity storage facility from Huawei showcased at Enex - for the first time in Poland !

21 march 2023
8 to 9 March witnessed the 25th Enex Expo, where visitors were offered the chance to get to know Huawei's electricity storage technologies. At Targi Kielce, for the first time in Poland, the company presented the latest industrial energy storage with a capacity of 2 MWh

Huawei's presence at the ENEX, one of the largest industry events in the Poland and in Europe, was not accidental. More than 300 exhibitors presented the latest, energy-saving and ecological technologies in the RES sector. Huawei, a leading manufacturer of solutions supporting green energy, presented innovative solutions for large-scale energy storage. The development of this safe and reliable technology is the key to the global acceleration of the transition to a zero-emission economy, including support for the Polish energy transformation.

Photovoltaic power plants are becoming more and more popular in our country, both among prosumers and enterprises,  with over a million users already connected to the power grid in Poland. However, large-scale energy storage can significantly relieve the power grid and increase energy security.  At Huawei, we consistently develop and promote modern solutions of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to support Poland's transformation towards ecological, highly available and cost-effective energy for both economy and society – says Ryszard Hordyński, Strategy and Communications Director at Huawei Polska.

Technological progress makes it possible to equip buildings around the world with energy storage systems, these can store enough renewable energy to power hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. The development of large-scale energy storage is the answer to the key challenge for green energy - its cyclicality - energy excess and deficiency, depending on the sun’s radiation.  Widespread use of energy storage is an important element in the global acceleration of the transition towards a carbon-free economy – adds Maciej Bąkała, PV Sales Director at Huawei Digital Power.

The distinguishing feature of Huawei's photovoltaic solutions, including electricity storage facilities, is comprehensiveness  a energy storage can be a perfect complement to a photovoltaic power plant, and thus positively affect the grid condition. These facilities can further contribute to increasing the profitability of Polish enterprises.

Huawei energy storage systems, based on safe battery technologies, have been designed to offers high reliability, durability, easy expansion due to the modular design, and minimization of service costs. Artificial intelligence optimizes and supervises the work of individual components in the energy storage system. Huawei's solutions are among the best available on the market, which can really contribute to maximizing the benefits for investors building electrochemical energy storage. The digital technologies we use also help in detecting failures, anticipating random events, which contributes to reduced dwon times in energy supply - explains Rafał Niestępski, Solution Manager from Huawei Digital Power.

Huawei can boast a number of record-breaking projects in large-scale energy storage.  The best example is the newly built energy storage installation in Dubai, combining a 400MW photovoltaic power plant with an energy storage facility with a capacity of 1,300 MWh.  The mega-size energy store collects energy produced at a photovoltaic farm located on the coast of the Red Sea -  the installation is to be the world's largest battery storage facility operating in an off-grid environment, i.e. without connection to the power system. The project will be part of a local power grid powered by a 400 MWp photovoltaic power plant.


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