Debata z udziałem ekspertów z branży już 11 kwietnia.

Deposit system discussed at Ekotech! The debate is organized by PolKa-Polska Kaucja

01 march 2024
The issues related to the deposit system and broadly defined recycling are one of the leading topics of this year's Ekotech. The meeting devoted to "Start of the deposit system. “Significance for consumers and business” ia the part of the second day’s agenda, i.e.11 April at Targi Kielce.

The introduction of a deposit system in Poland is an immense undertaking that aims to reduce the amount of waste and improve the circularity of the Polish economy. The system opens a new chapter in the sustainable development pursuit. The system has the potential to improve the efficiency of packaging segregation and recovery, which are key to achieving ecological goals. A challenge that Polish entrepreneurs and consumers they have to face,  as the deposit sytem may change many habits and routines. Research shows that almost 90% of Poles support the idea of introducing a deposit system.

According to the assumptions, the 2025 target is to achieve 77% collection of packaging which has been put in the market. It is also certain that this target is impossible to attain without a functioning system in place.

Thus, the Ekotech agenda includes a debate held under the banner of  "Start of the deposit system. Significance for consumers and business” organised by PolKa-Polska Kaucja. The company is a part of the recycling industry in Poland and abroad. The form supports conscious ecological education. The Ekotech debate offers an opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss the importance of introducing a deposit system in Poland. Industry experts will answer questions regarding the producers’ and retail sectors’ and all consumers’ obligations. The debate is chaired by:  Krzysztof Kieszkowski - President of the Regain Environment Foundation and Chairman of the PolKa Supervisory Board.

The debate will take place on 11 April, at 10.00-11.30, conference room F1, expo hall F

Please register via the website to take part in the debate:


The 24th Ekotech lasts two days, 10 and 11 April, join us  at Targi Kielce. Admission free expo, in order to participate you just need to register on-line:

Ekotech is held simultaneously with the Autostrada New Infrastructure Expo, and the bioeconomy Hackathon competition.



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