Dyrektor Robert Szyman był jednym z ekspertów konferencji "Tworzywa sztuczne w zrównoważonej gospodarce" podczas ostatniego Plastpolu.

Chemical recycling is gaining in importance in the plastics processing sector

30 august 2023
Robert Szyman, general director of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters, discussed the forecasts for the plastics processing industry in an interview for the Polish Press Agency. Szyman stressed the growing role of recycling

The article read that the forecasts for the plastics processing industry are positive, in the opinion of director Robert Szyman. The deposit-refund system is a challenge.

- Forecasts for the industry are optimistic, and plastics will play a vital role in the circular economy. I do not see any negative scenarios and possible the decline in their sales. Of course, the plastics processing industry has challenges ahead, but new technologies can help us to overcome them. If we cannot recover by mechanical recycling, chemical recycling may be the solution,” said Robert Szyman, general director of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters.

Read more in the article: Positive forecasts for plastics processing; chemical recycling may gain in importance - PZPTS (interview)


Robert Szyman was one of the experts at the conference "Plastics in Sustainable Economy" at the last Plastpol. The issues raised by the director of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters will also be discussed at Plastpol held in May 2024. 


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