Certification for installers. December is the time for free training offered by BayWa r.e

01 december 2021
Enex exhibitor authorised PV distributor BayWa r.e Solar Systems invites you to join a training! The company offers a wide range of training courses - both in the form of webinars and on-site meetings in the company’s office. Active workshops, Q&A sessions, the live presentations of components offer a great opportunity to learn from the experts

Become a REC Certified Installer

As RCSP (Certified Solar Professional REC), you get a number of benefits, including the option to extend the warranty on REC solar modules up to 25 years. An online training course is a necessary step to obtain the RCSP title.

The training will take place 7 December from 11: 00-12: 30  - a presentation in Polish (this is the only occasion this year!)

Why is it worth being a part of the event?

 RCSP offers you access to a free knowledge base, REC ProTrust guarantee portfolio, marketing and sales support and many more. Certification is valid for two years.

Do you want to become a REC installer or learn more about RCSP products and programmes? We look forward to your participation! It’s free!

Take part in the training:  https://bayware.clickmeeting.com/webinar-moduly-rec-solar-07-12-/register

See complete training list.

All photovoltaic training courses organised by BayWa re, on-site and online, are free of charge. Meetings feature highly qualified experts with many years of experience, which guarantees a high level of content and makes all workshops useful. The trainings are free of charge, regardless of the form.

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