Binkowski Resort hosts MKBR banquet and welcomes the MKBR participants

18 september 2023
The International Congress of Accounting Offices is a knowledge-packed meeting and comprises discussion panels for accountants and employees of accounting offices. The list of attractions is much more extensive. The October congress’ participants are also offered a chance to take part in a unique banquet with numerous attractions.

This year, behind-the-scenes talks, which are always successful and provide opportunities to talk freely and establish new contacts, will take place at the Binkowski Resort Hotel. In addition to the gala banquet, the hosts have prepared a package of offers, including accommodation and access to relaxation and active recreation zones. Guests of the hotel located in the middle of the forest will find comfortable rooms with the possibility of entering the Wellness Zone&Spa and Tropical Pool Zone.

Tropical Pools Binkowski Resort offers unlimited relaxation and fun among rich exotic vegetation and crystal-warm water ranging from 30 to 34°C. Guests can immerse themselves in a tropical paradise located at your fingertips, in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains!  
The  Wellness&Spa Zone and Sauna World offer endless relaxation and relaxation. The swimming pool, jacuzzi, salt cave and sauna zone will provide recreation and healthy regeneration of both body and spirit.

Detailed information regarding accommodation at the Binkowski Resort Hotel or other hotels in Kielce is provided by:

Anna Kubicka - Hotel specialist / HORECA Section

Telephone: + 48 41 36 51 390

Mobile phone  (+48) 604 484 212





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