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The accounting and bookkeeping industry comes to Kielce's Targi Kielce Congress Centre! The fourth International Congress of Accounting Offices has commenced

26 october 2023
Is "creative accounting" allowed? How to use artificial intelligence for accountants' work? How to stay up to date with constant changes in law? These and many other topics in the field of accounting and bookkeeping are discussed by experts at two days' MKBR

– The International Congress of Accounting Offices is a place for exchanging experiences and meetings of representatives of accounting and bookkeeping and manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and software supporting the everyday work of accountants. Your presence is a sign of trust in our centre and this event - said Bożena Staniak, vice-president of Targi Kielce, during the official opening of the Congress.

The event's agenda abounds with numerous speeches delivered by experts and practitioners from the accounting industry. They will discuss topics related to marketing aimed at clients of accounting offices, ethics in the accounting profession, and "creative accounting". – It is worth taking part in panels on management, financing, changes in legal regulations and several thematic workshops. This year, experts will also suggest what tax and legal changes await employees in this sector, how to automate office processes using artificial intelligence, how to efficiently implement the National e-Invoice System, and how to meet customer expectations when it comes to tax consulting. – I am convinced that the event's program and the list of experts guarantee a huge dose of knowledge. The list of experts includes over 40 people, including practitioners, theoreticians, and representatives of the civil services. Therefore, this is the place to draw inspiration from other people. There are business insiders to discuss the future and opportunities that lie ahead for the accounting and bookkeeping industry - concluded Vice President Staniak.

And the speakers list included, inter alia: Stanisław Hońko - president of the Management Board of the Association of Accountants in Poland, Anita Gołębiewska - director of OSCBR, Rafał Strzelecki - president of the management board of CashDirector, Monika Smulewicz - expert in labour law and labour market and president of HR na Szpilki, Andrzej Lazarowicz - Founder & CEO of wFirma, or Radosław Żuk - honorary member of SWBR. The latest systemic solutions and software supporting accountants' work are presented by equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Their presence makes it possible to become familiar with the functionality and capabilities of the products on offer; specialists from such brands as: wFirma, OSCBR, mBank, Cash Director, enova365, SAGA Brokers, SaldeoSMART are at the expo.

26 and 27 October at Targi Kielce - the International Congress of Accounting Offices!


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For two days, the Targi Kielce Congress Centre is the home for experts; the accounting industry specialists and suppliers of modern tools and software supporting accountants’ work. There will be plenty of business talks, exchange of experiences and interesting workshops related to a variety of topics, including changes to financial and tax law regulations, and the introduction of the National e-Invoice System.