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AUTOSTRADA enjoys important patrons’ support

18 march 2020
The Ministry of Infrastructure supports the International Fair of Road Construction Industry held from 30 June to 2 July at Targi Kielce

Cooperation with strategic industry institutions as the expo knowledge partners boosts the event’s and the accompanying exhibitions’ quality and results in a number of problem focussed conferences, workshops and debates. The Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk has granted his auspices for the 26th AUTOSTRADA - POLSKA complemented with the three other events – the International Fair of Infrastructure, Airport Technologies and Infrastructure Exhibition TRAFFIC-EXPO- TIL , the International Construction Equipment and Special Vehicles Fair MASZBUD, and the International Fair of Road Transport - Commercial Vehicles ROTRA.

The joint undertaking make the Kielce events cluster targeted at the road construction industry one of Poland’s most universal events of this kind.  The AUTOSTRADA conference and exhibition format makes it possible to establish valuable business contacts and find out the latest knowledge on cutting-edge technical industry solutions.  The rich and diversified programme includes scientific and technical conferences, seminars and specialists presentations - thus this is the experiences exchange platform, the best place for talks on challenges and modern road engineering and modernization schemes.

We look forward to seeing you at the Autostrada expo held from 30 June to 2 July 2020 to Targi Kielce.


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Autostrada expo is complemented with a rich and diversified scientific and technical conferences program - discussions, companies’ presentations and debates offer the opportunity to talk about industry challenges. One of the top-events is the Aggregate Exhibition held since 2012 at Targi Kielce
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Europe’s largest cement plant producer showcases at the 26th International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA

13 november 2019

OPTIMAS will be one of the exhibitors at the 26th International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA held in Targi Kielce


17 may 2019
This year's XXV International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA also includes the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining Aggregate Exhibition organised in conjunction with Targi Kielce
17 may 2019
The machine operators competition was held on the second day of the 25th edition of the AUTOSTRADA EXPO in Targi Kielce. For the sixth time, machine operators have competed in a specially prepared competition