AS Energy na Targach ENEX.

AS Energy joins Enex 2023

22 november 2022
AS Energy returns to the Enex, the expo which brings the most important representatives of the RES industry. The offer of AS ENERGY is available on 8 and 9 March 2023 at the Targi Kielce's expo

AS Energy is one of the most dynamically developing brands in the renewable energy market, the firm has been in business since 2019. The photovoltaic products offer is targeted mainly at the B2B sector: photovoltaic installers, shops and wholesalers, designers and companies that want to install a PV installation at their premisses. Customers can also take advantage of comprehensive service and professional advice, both in the design phase and offer placement. Regular trainings for installers are also organised. Thus AS Energy shares its technical expertise and advises on optimal solutions. The brand cooperates with renowned producers of photovoltaic devices. Photovoltaic panels are supplied by Luxor, Jinko Solar, Sharp, Austa; inverters by Solis; assembly structures by K2 and Tree System; air conditioners and heat pumps by Kaisai. AS Energy guarantees the high quality and reliability of the solutions the company provides:  a customer receives the product- guarantee. The ongoing product availability in the warehouse in Poland is yet another asset. Thus orders are processed quickly and efficiently.

PV panels by Luxor

The panels are provided by  Luxor Solar. Based on installer surveys conducted by EuPD Research, an independent Bonn-based market researcher, Luxor was ranked among the top solar brands in Germany in 2022. Installers ranked the company the highest in the following categories: brand awareness, customer choice and distribution. Owing to the extraordinary achievements, the company was awarded the seal of EuPD Research - "Top Brand PV".

K2 and Tree System assembly structures

The photovoltaic roof structures from the K2 company. The firm has been developing functional solutions for photovoltaic panels mounting for 18 years. The offer includes arrangements adapted to all types of roofs and sheathing. K2 also offers software which makes it easy to select appropriate panel fastening systems. Until now, over 50,000 customers have made the most of the K2 Base program. The firm boasts of having users around the world. The Tree System design is ideal for non-standard assembly places. The solution's revolutionary nature lies in the fact that it resembles tree roots - anchored in the ground, the structure guarantees a high durability. The diagonal arms of the patented system go into the ground, and stabilize the entire structure. This is the best alternative to concrete foundations. The Tree System installation can be done with an ordinary hammer or a hand-operated jackhammer without employing qualified specialists.

The jubilee edition of the ENEX - the International Power Industry Fair held on 8 and 9 March 2023, offers an opportunity to get to know the latest products and solutions offered by BayWa r.e. and hold direct meeting with the firm's representatives.

Expo admission - free of charge, prior registration required:

The International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo complement the ENEX.


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